Friday , 31 October 2014

Hot New Top 100 Songs List 2014

List of 2015 top 100 songs 2014

Top 100 Songs 2014: Which Will You Pick? Welcome to this universe of music where you will be given a list of the top 100 songs 2014 and 2015 will be releasing! This is the coliseum where right from Chris Brown to Taylor Swift; we’ll be discussing songs by famous craftsmen of popular genres. So would you say you are ... Read More »

Fancy by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX Review and Watch HD Video

Fancy by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX Review and Watch HD Video

Review: Fancy by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX Folks need to realize that Iggy Azalea’s infectious single “Fancy (accomplishment. Charli XCX)” has solid dialect and a lot of references to drinking. When she’s not warbling about “takin’ all the alcohol straight” and getting tipsy from a smaller than expected bar, Iggy Azalea (otherwise called Amethyst Amelia Kelly) ventures an over-the-top ... Read More »

Problem by Ariana Grande Reviews, Watch HD Video, See Lyrics

Problem by Ariana Grande Reviews, Watch HD Video, See Lyrics

Review: Problem by Ariana Grande Ariana Grande steps forward with a huge, striking sound for the first single from her second studio collection. Climbing Australian pop rap star Iggy Azalea and American rapper Big Sean are both here to widen the claim of “Problem.” It’s a take no detainees approach that is prone to keep Ariana Grande riding the upper ... Read More »

Maps by Maroon 5 Reviews Watch HD Video See Lyrics

Maps by Maroon 5 Reviews Watch HD Video See Lyrics

Review: Maps by Maroon 5 New Song “Maps” is the lead single from Maroon 5′s new upcoming Album of 2014 V, which the band proclaimed a month ago. The band’s first collection following its 2012 crush Overexposed is because of hit stores on Sept. 2. Maroon 5 are searching for another enormous hit, and the band is utilizing all its ... Read More »

Pick Favorite Top First Dance Wedding Songs in 2014

2015 Best wedding First dance songs 2014

First Dance Wedding Songs: Dance to Romantic Tunes at Your Wedding – What about checkout the best wedding dance songs in 2014 this season? From this list of the new first dance wedding songs 2014 will be releasing, you can pick the perfect tune for your wedding. In case you’re frantically enamored with your companion and need the first dance ... Read More »

Enjoy Partying With Drinking Songs in 2014

top drinking songs 2015

Party Music: Grab a Beer with the Best Drinking Songs in 2014 Here is a list of the top drinking songs in 2014 which will be very useful if you’re planning on throwing a party! What is a party if there isn’t any music around or the right alcohol? We have such a variety of individuals who completely venerate the ... Read More »

Top Kids Dance Party Songs List 2014

best kids dance party songs 2014 2015

Kids Parties: Check out the Right Kids dance Songs This Season – Is it safe to say that you are anticipating your little one’s birthday? We’ve known plenty of songs that can be played at a kid’s party whether it is a birthday party or garden party for the little ones at home. Have you heard of the celebrated track ... Read More »

Top 100 Best Disco Songs till 2014

Best Disco Songs 2014 to 2015

Disco Music: Check Out Best Disco Songs all time till 2014 This Summer – A few summers back, when electronic music began obtaining a huge audience, there was a genre dubiously natural in the music industry known as the disco. The 1970’s marked the era of disco music with a variety of musicians coming to surface. Disco turned out to ... Read More »

Celebrating the Best Rock Songs in 2014

top 10 best rock songs 2014 2015

Rock Songs 2015: Swing to the Beat of Rock Records Is it true that you are a diehard fan of rock music? This is the perfect spot to be on account of we present to you a portion of the best records in rock music. Right from Coldplay’s stunning tracks and Fall Out Boy’s latest playlist, you can enjoy some ... Read More »

Popular House Music to wing your mood in 2014

best house music 2015 2014

The house music is fundamentally an electronic dance number which at first began in Chicago back in 1980s. It is throughout that decade that the music got promoted among the African-American, the Latino American and the groups. The music steadily picked up popularity lead by the notorious Electro House Music Tour. The name spread through the United States before spreading ... Read More »