Benedict Cumberbatch All Time Top Movies List with upcoming 2015

An actor who is comfortable in all three mediums theatre, television and movies – Benedict Cumberbatch

On 19 July 1976, actors Wanda Ventham and Timothy Cumberbatch welcomed their son Benedict Cumberbatch into this world. Named Benedict Cumberbatch, they raised their son in an area between Chelsea and Kensington. The actor’s grandfather, Henry Cumberbatch had taken part in both World War One and Two. He was decorated for his time served on the seas and was a part of the elite class in London. He completed his initial schooling in the Brambletye School. This was located in the western part of Sussex. He then went on to be a scholar in the arts section at Harrow. During his time at Harrow, he took part in many acts based on Shakespeare. His onstage debut happened incidentally as a female character. He played the fairy queen in the play Midsummer Night’s Dream. He also took part in rugby and oil painting during his time here.

Benedict Cumberbatch top new movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016
From an English Teacher to a acclaimed actor – his long journey to stardom

Benedict Cumberbatch did not plunge into acting after Harrow. He spent a year in a monastery in Darjeeling as a teacher of the English language. He then returned to England and learned Drama at the Manchester University. He then graduated with a master of arts in the field of Classic acting from the famous Music and Dramatic Art academy in London.

Benedict Cumberbatch has been part of a number of plays as well as super hit movies. He started working from the year 2002. One of the first movies he was a part of was Field of Gold. His next body of work was largely in the field of television.

He was a part of series like Tipping the Velvet, Cambridge Spies, MI five, Heartbeat, Forty Something just to name a few. However, he also took an active part in the field of theater. He has acted in plays staged in the Royal Court, The Royal Theaters, The Open Air at Regent’s Park and Almeida. He essayed a number of different and vibrant characters with relevant ease. This earned him a number of allocades from the theater audience.

A man with perfection in role play- Benedict Cumberbatch

One series however brought him global recognition. Sherlock Holmes where he played the main character has been televised in a number of different countries. His mannerisms and attention to detail redefined the role into a dynamic and well-liked character. However, since the series has been spread over a six year period from 2010-2016, he has been able to display his art on the large screen also.

Below are five movies that have brought him critical acclaim –

1. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy- He essayed the role of Peter Guillam in this movie. Made by Tomas Alfredson in the 2011, Benedict played a character that was naive yet suave. He used the wardrobe, which required him to combine a floppy headgear, and tailored suits to highlight his acting skills. This was a well-written character with details being revealed as the movie progressed.

2. The Imitation Game- The actor made the character of Alan Turing his own. He was dramatic, cold, compelling as the script demanded. He could easily switch from using a scarf to pick up cyanide fallen on the ground to breaking up with Joan Clarke in a heartless manner. His acting skills allowed the audience to peek into the character’s flaws and the secret torment that he was under.

3. The Fifth Estate – This was one of his most difficult roles to portray. He was asked to play the part of Mr. Assange, the founder of Wikipedia. Benedict drew on his theatrical skills, which required impersonating the behavioral traits to bring the character to life. The way the character moved from being a narcissist to a control freak to a tantrum thrower was done seamlessly as per the requirements of the scene.

4. Atonement- His portrayal of Paul Marshall, an owner of a chocolate factory was edgy and creepy. His dialogue delivery while paying attention to Juno Temple’s character really caught the public’s imagination. He highlighted the character as a creepy tycoon who could talk for long as well as deliver sharp witty dialogues.

5. Amazing Grace- Many consider the role of William Pitt as his best film until date. He displayed tremendous wisdom by making his character assess the situation before making up his mind. He displays tremendous knowledge of how a politician behaves in getting his work done.

List of top 20 films of Benedict Cumberbatch

• Hills Like White Elephants
• To Kill a King
• Starter for 10
• Amazing Grace
• Inseparable
• Atonement
• Stuart: A Life Backwards
• The Other Boleyn Girl
• Creation
• Burlesque Fairytales
• Four Lions
• Van Gogh: Painted with Words
• Third Star
• The Whistleblower
• Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
• War Horse
• Wreckers
• The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
• Girlfriend in a Coma
• Star Trek Into Darkness

Upcoming movies of Benedict Cumberbatch in 2015-2016

The above listed movies are some of his movies that made him a household name. However, the facts that he was part of popular franchises like The Hobbit and Star Trek shows us that this is one actor who is here to stay. We are sharing the list of Upcoming movies of Benedict Cumberbatch

• Magik- This film is under post production stage and will be released this year only( 2015)
• Black Mass- Another film of this star which is also in Post production stage and will hit theaters in 2015 only
• Doctor Strange- This film will be released in year 2016. Right now in Pre-production stage

Stay Tuned for more information about Benedict Cumberbatch.

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