Christian Bale All Time Top Movies List with upcoming 2015

Christian Bale the best actor of all time and his top amazing and outstanding movies.

Christian Bale was born on 30th January in the year 1974. He is an English actor and was born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and is the son of Jenny and David Bale. He has three sisters. He attended the Bournemouth school, however left when he was sixteen years old. His parents got divorced in the year 1991. He moved with his father to Los Angeles, California when he was seventeen.

Christian Bale top new movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016
Christian Bale is famous for his character in the movie The Machinist that was released in the year 2004. In this movie, he has lost about sixty-three pounds to play the role of Trevor Reznik. He has worked very hard to get to this level and to make a special place for himself in the Hollywood industry.

The top five movies that Christian Bale has acted and flattered the audience with his skills of acting.

1. The Fighter- This film is directed by David O. Russell and is focused on the real-life struggles of the professional boxers and half-brothers Dicky Eklund (Bale) and Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg). This movie The Fighter has encouraged many talented boxers and is well acted by Christian Bale. It was instantly clear that Bale’s time spent with the genuine Dicky Eklund paid off attractively in terms of the touch that he brought to the character. For the amazing acting, that Christian Bale has portrayed in this movie has made him achieve the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor. This movie is very inspirational and so it is listed in the list of the top five movies by Christian Bale.

2. American Psycho- This movie the American Psycho was the first actual sign of what Christian Bale was capable. He starred in this version of the controversial novel Bret Easton Ellis about a rich investor who takes care of a secret bloodlust under his superficial, vapid way of life. Bateman is busy killing business rivals and prostitutes. As with the novel, the film was quite disruptive among reviewers when it was first released. Some criticized its sexual content and graphic violence, whereas others respected its cunning sense of humor and strange lead nature. Christian Bale has acted well in this movie as a Psycho killer and has entertained the viewers and fans by his iconic performance in this movie.

3. Out of the Furnace- Bale plays the role of Russell Baze starring as a well-meaning man in a crumbling Rust Belt town. After he is released from the prison, Christian Bale comes into cruel conflict with Woody Harrelson a rustic drug lord. As Russell Baze searches for Casey Affleck his lost younger brother. This is a movie full of drama and suspense. These three parts are the core of the movie, with each artist bringing a cruel, frantic edge to their role. In this movie, Christian Bale is far from the superhero that he acted in the Dark Knight films.

4. Batman Begins- Batman Begins is directed by the trilogy of Christopher Nolan’s by tracing Bruce Wayne’s growth from naughty billionaire to the dark avenger of the night. This focus gave Christian Bale an opportunity to play Wayne from a variety of various angles. He immediately stood out as the most convincing actor to ever play this role. Begins also has the advantage of featuring a better Batman voice than its two sequels. Christian Bale’s ferocious growl was indistinct almost to the top of incoherency in the last two films. However, in Batman Begins, he made us trust that the criminals would run, shattering into the night from a guy in a costume of a bat.

5. The Prestige- This is a movie about two magicians who come together to make an ultimate stage illusion. The director of this movie is Christopher Nolan and this movie was successfully released in the year 2006.

List of top 20 films of Christian Bale

1. Reign of Fire
2. Equilibrium
3. The Machinist
4. Howl’s Moving Castle
5. Batman Begins
6. The New World
7. Harsh Times
8. Rescue Dawn
9. The Prestige
10. 3:10 to Yuma
11. I’m Not There
12. The Dark Knight
13. Terminator Salvation
14. Public Enemies
15. The Fighter
16. The Flowers of War
17. The Dark Knight Rises
18. Out of the Furnace
19. American Hustle
20. Exodus: Gods and Kings

Upcoming movies of Christian Bale in 2015-2016

If you are looking for some quality movies to watch then you can surely watch the movies of Christian Bale. Check out the list of Upcoming movies of Christian Bale

• Knight of Cups – To be released in 2015
• Untitled Terrence Malick – To be released in 2015project
• Jungle Book: Origins- To be released in 2015

Christian Bale is still working hard on many other new movies and roles just to keep on entertaining the viewers and his fans, Stay tuned for his forthcoming hit movies.

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