Denzel Washington All Time Top Movies List With Upcoming 2015

Denzel Washington the best actor and also a well talented person and his top five movies.

Denzel Washington was born on 28th December in the year 1954 and is an American filmmaker and actor. He was born near the city of New York in Mount Vernon. His father’s name is Reverend Denzel Hayes Washington and he has served as an ordained minister of Pentecostal. His father also worked for the water department and also at a local store. His mother’s name is Lynne and she was an owner of a beauty parlor. When Denzel Washington was 14 years old, his parents broke up and his mother sent him to the Oakland Military Academy, which is a private opening school in New Windsor. He has earned a B.A. in Drama and has also done his journalism from the Fordham University in the year 1977.

Denzel Washington top new movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016
He has struggled a lot in his life to come to this special level. He has also won the best supporting actor award at the 62nd Academy Awards in Washington for the movie “Glory”. He also appeared in many TV series, stage roles, and motion films too. Some of them are Hard Lessons in the year 1989, A Soldier’s Play in the year 1984 and Power in the year 1986.

The best and famous actor Denzel Washington and his amazing and all time-loved movies are listed below.

Getting name and fame is not easy for any actor, but Denzel Washington managed to earn both with his dedication and hard working.

The top five movies by Denzel Washington

1. Crimson Tide- This movie was released in the year 1995 and the director Tony Scott has successfully made his movie a hit. This movie is all about a young officer that prevents his happy captain to launch a missile before confirming his orders to do so. Once you watch the movie you will love is so much that you will not stop yourself from watching it repeatedly. This was Denzel Washington’s first collaboration with the director Tony Scott. This is a thriller movie with many actions and suspense scenes.

2. Cry Freedom- This movie was released long back ago in the year 1987 and is still cherished in the hearts of Denzel Washington’s fans. This movie is all about non-violence, tolerance, justice, and struggle. This actor has touched millions of hearts of the audience and also his fans. In this movie there is a south African journalist named as Donald Woods, who is forced to escape the country after the was attempting to investigate the death of the black activist Steve Biko his friend. This movie was directed by the famous director Richard Attenborough.

3. John Q – In this movie Denzel Washington has played a role of an unlucky father whose insurance does not cover his son’s heart transplant and he takes the hostage of the hospital to the emergency room until the doctors agreed to perform the operation. This movie was released in the year 2002 and is directed by Nick Cassavetes. This movie is full of harsh realities and also raises necessary moral questions regarding empathy, justice, and healthcare. It is one of the top five movies of Denzel Washington.

4. Philadelphia- This movie is all about a man with AIDS, is fired from his law firm because of his bad condition. He hires a minor lawyer who is homophobic as he was the only willing advocate that would work in a wrongful firing case. This movie was released in the year 1993 and was a hit from that time until now. Denzel Washington has flattered his fans by his great acting in this movie. This is one of the movies that everyone should watch as he brilliantly deals with homosexuality. The director of this movie is Jonathan Demme.

5. The Hurricane- This is a story of a boxer named as Rubin “Hurricane” Carter who is wrongly imprisoned for a murder, and also the people who helped him in his fight to prove that he was innocent. The movie was directed by Norman Jewison and was released in the year 1999. This movie will be an unforgettable one for you, because of Denzel Washington’s best performance in this movie.

List of top 20 films of Denzel Washington

• Death Wish
• Wilma
• Coriolanus
• Carbon Copy
• License to Kill
• A Soldier’s Story
• The George McKenna Story
• Power
• The Mighty Quinn
• For Queen and Country
• Heart Condition
• Mo’ Better Blues
• Ricochet
• Mississippi Masala
• Much Ado About Nothing
• The Pelican Brief
• Philadelphia
• Glory
• Malcolm X
• Cry Freedom

Upcoming movies of Denzel Washington in 2015-2016

There are many upcoming movies that are released in the coming years in which Denzel Washington has acted in many different roles. Stay tuned for his upcoming films. We will share the list of Upcoming movies of Denzel Washington, soon with you.

The Magnificent Seven –To be released in 2016

Keeping you entertained is our responsibility as so we will keep you updated with latest information from Denzel Washington.

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