Dwayne Johnson All Time Top Movies List With Upcoming 2015

Dwayne Johnson “THE ROCK”- Top best movies that you would love to see.

Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2 in the year 1972 in the Hayward, California United States of America. He is a Canadian actor and also a professional wrestler. He was a football player in his college days and also played for the University of Miami. He became a professional wrestler just like his grandfather and his grandfather. From the year 1996 to 2004, he gained the fame of “The Rock” and was the first wrestler in the third generation of the history in this field. He has had about seventeen-championship control in WWE that included winnings of world champion and eight times in the WWF/E championship and twice in the WCW/ World Championship.

Dwayne Johnson top new movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016
The top, full of action movies that you would watch are mentioned below.

The achievement of Dwayne Johnshon’s wrestling nature has made him to cross over into the mainstream of the pop culture. He has appeared in many videos, one of which is “It Doesn’t Matter”. He also hosted the “Saturday Night Live” in the year 2000. Many of his fellow wrestlers had appeared on this show. In 2014, he starred in the movie “Hercules” and will also once again act the same role in the movie “Furious Five”.

The action and acting of the handsome actor will flatter you; some of his top five movies are detailed below:

Top five movies by Dwayne Johnson.

1. Fast Five- The movie Fast and the Furious license were seen after the Tokyo Drift in the year 2006. However, things got back on track in the The Fast and the Furious in the year 2009 and in turn set up Fast Five in the year 2011. The fifth episode that twisted the sequence into the sequel mixing heist factory thriller it has become. In this movie, he plays a role of Luke Hobbs a government agent. This movie has lots of actions and also there are many superb cars that are shown. There are also many stunts that are done by the actor.

2. The Rundown- In this movie, Seann William Scott and Johnson together are in an action adventure story about a humble bounty hunter. That is (Johnson) who’s wheedle into chasing down his boss’s naughty son that is (Scott) in a rainforest of Brazil, where he managed to escape off a dishonest removal kingpin that is (Christopher Walken) while following some type of treasure. It is the type of movie that gives the likely beats at the anticipated moments, however flourish on the personality of the stars. “The Rundown provides everything that a good movie of this kind should have like ample of suspenseful actions a share of obligatory and also a few good laughs.

3. FAST & FURIOUS 6- This movie is retooled into an action movie that just turn out to include many amazing cars, the Fast & Furious sixth series came with a lot more energy moves than any other movie. Inspite the reviews for this movie was not that quick and same type as it had been for the Fast Five. There are many breathtaking actions and also some crazy cars.

4. Snitch – In this movie Dwayne Johnson has played a very tough role of a father and his son is Rafi Gavro, who has charged him to go to prison for 10 years due to drug dealing imprisonment. Then there is a lot of drama, crime, action and also suspenses that make the movie much more interesting.

5. Get smart- In this movie, Dwayne Johnson plays a role of an agent and Maxwell Smart plays a role of a very funny spy. This movie has lots of suspense and also a lot of fun action that you would love to see with your family. This movie has made people like it and is on the top five of Dwyane Johnson’s movies.

List of top 20 films of Dwayne Johnson

• Beyond the Mat
• Longshot
• The Mummy Returns
• The Scorpion King
• The Rundown
• Walking Tall
• Be Cool
• Doom
• Gridiron Gang
• Reno 911!: Miami
• Southland Tales
• The Game Plan
• Get Smart
• Race to Witch Mountain
• Planet 51
• Tooth Fairy
• Why Did I Get Married Too?
• The Other Guys
• You Again
• Faster

Upcoming movies of Dwayne Johnson in 2015-2016

Dwayne Johnson has flattered the audience due to his acting skills, action movies and also with his handsome personality.

• San Andreas- In post-production- To be released in 2015
• Furious 7- In post-production- To be released in 2015
• Moana- Voice/In production- To be released in 2016

The list of upcoming films of Dwayne Johnson will increase and we will updated the list accordingly to keep you updated.

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