Coldplay All Time Top Songs List for 2015: THE SENTATIONAL ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR


Coldplay is a rock-band from England. This British band gained the best popularity by their rocking songs. There are four members in the band, which includes Chirs Martin, Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion. Chris is the lead vocalist of the band whereas Jonny Buckland is the lead guitarist. Chirs Martin and Johnny Buckland at UCL formed the band in 1996. Coldplay has won many music awards throughout their career. This awards list includes Brit awards, MTV video music awards, and Grammy awards.

new top and upcoming songs and albums by Coldplay in 2015
The amazing journey of Coldplay and their rendezvous with music

In September 1996, Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland met at the time of their orientation week at their college. Both spent rest of the years of the university planning a band and in the end formed, a group named it Pectoralz. Later on, in 1997, Guy Berryman joined the group and the group renamed themselves as Starfish. The band first started performing at small club for local Camden promoters. Chris also recruited his school friend Phil Harvey as the fifth member of the group as a manager. The Band was fully completed when Will Champion joined it. Will had grown up playing guitar, tin whistle, bass and piano. He learned drums very quickly even though having no earlier knowledge. The band as the final point named them as “Coldplay”. Tim Crompton, who was a local student, suggested the name as he was using this name for his group.

• Mylo Xyloto
• Parachutes
• X&Y
• Ghost Stories
• A Rush of Blood to the Head
• Viva la Vida

We being a big fan of the rock-band, Coldplay, we all want to know that you will be looking forward to get the list of the TOP 5 songs of the band. With help of our experts we prepared the finest five song sung by the Coldplay.

List of Top 5 Songs of Coldplay 2015:

1. Viva la Vida: The band brilliantly performed this song. Fans fell completely in love with this song. It is so powerful and has so much meaning to it. This is the best song of the band. The suspense and the sound of the song just make it. Coldplay did a very good job making this song. It really makes you feel like you used to rule the world is not it.

2. Fix You: This is a wonderful song. It is perfect. When writing the song, Chris originally planned to use a church-style organ for the song. The song is assembled around an organ attended by deliberate rhythm vocals and drums. The song was released in 2005 on 5 September.

3. The Scientist: it is the next solitary from rock band Coldplay. All the band members for the album wrote the song collaboratively. This song got highly positive reviews of the Critics and critics praised the song’s piano falsetto and ballad.

4. Yellow: This song was written in a studio. While writing this song’s lyrics, Chris was not getting the exact word. The word that he believed was a missing keyword. He gazed the studio and saw the directory of Yellow pages that was situated beside him.

5. Paradise: This song is another amazing song from Coldplay, musically (with the classical and alternative merge – amazing and lyrically. It tells the tale of a little girl whose perception of the world is really quite different from reality. Every time I play this song, it just has to be more than once.

The List of Top 20 ColdPlay Songs for 2015

1. A Sky Full of Stars
2. Magic
3. The Scientist
4. Paradise
5. Viva la Vida
6. Yellow
7. Fix You
8. Clocks
9. Midnight
10. True Love
11. Don’t Panic
12. Trouble
13. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
14. In My Place
15. Always in My Head
16. Ink
17. Charlie Brown
18. Speed of Sound
19. Princess of China
20. Violet Hill

Upcoming songs and events of Coldplay 2015

Coldplay is amongst the most amazing rock band with the sensational and heart touching production of songs. The fans go crazy over their style of music. This has made them be in the top Billboard song list of the year. We can assure you about the fact that once you listen to any of the numbers of this amazing band, you will become its fan for sure.

Very soon we are going to update you about the Upcoming songs of Coldplay 2015. You need to wait and watch. Keep visiting this section for more information about this sensational band Coldplay.

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