Ed Sheeran All Time Top Songs List for 2015:

A living legend to transform Ed Sheeran life story through poetic and heart touching songs

A singer, songwriter and a musician, Edward Christopher Sheeran is a Pop and R&B Artist. Popularly known as Ed Sheeran in the industry, this 23 year old singer has set his records by delivering sensational music to the world. Born on 17 February 1991, the singer is now amongst the top singing faces in the English music industry. Sheeran’s popularity began emerging in the year 2012. He won two British Awards for the best male solo artist in the English music industry.

top songs list of ed sheeran in 2015
Started as a small town songwriter and his amalgamation into the International music industry- Hit list the Top 5 songs of Ed Sheeran

Sheeran began recording his music in the year 2005 and released his first single EP called as The Orange Room. Being friends with the English songwriter known by the Passenger, the two did massive gigs in their institutions. With a series of highs and lows he made his first appearance on TV music show in the year 2011. That was the beginning of his actual singing career. The songwriter cum singer shooted like a star and gained a lot of popularity. With his advancements in the music career, the artist began to color his arms. He believes that the colors and ink on his body holds a special place in his life. The major music leap by this artist and his albums are listed below:

• + (Plus)
• X (Multiply)

We are aware of how crazy you are about this artist and love all his songs and albums. We have brought the list of his top 5 songs for you to enjoy and spend your time listening to these hits.

List of Top 5 Ed Sheeran Songs 2015:

1. The A Team: Sheeran made a slightly extraordinary decision to introduce his voice and music to the world. Written a tale about the drug addict prostitute, this song grabbed many hearts all over the globe. This song was the lead title from his album +. This remains to be the best song sung by Sheeran till date.

2. I See Fire: A blend of a cappella and acoustic music, this song rewarded all the silent song lovers. The explosive vocal climax sent a strong sense of liking towards Sheeran’s fans.

3. Sing: The song was blended with Pharrell William’s unique music style. Even with the music mix of two different genres the song was a massive hit. Sheeran’s falsetto and the scream of “Sing” in the end made it the most played soundtrack of the year.

4. Don’t: Co-produced by Rick Rubin and Benny Blanco, this up-tempo and hip hop inspired song gets the head bouncing left and right. Rumor has it that he has addressed this song to his former girlfriend and speaks of his true feelings for her.

5. Thinking out loud: This is known to be the most famous song that Sheeran has sung after The A Team. The song has a strong emotional impact which speaks of high volumes of feelings. He pleads and expresses his boundless feeling through this beautiful song. The song was amongst the most played tracks on the Billboard’s list.

The List of Top 20 Ed Sheeran Songs for 2015

1. Sing
2. Don’t
3. I See Fire
4. Thinking Out Loud
5. The A Team
6. Photograph
7. One
8. Tenerife Sea
9. I’m a Mess
10. Bloodstream
11. Give Me Love
12. Nina
13. Lego House
14. Afire Love
15. Runaway
16. The Man
17. Drunk
18. Kiss Me
19. Small Bump
20. Shirtsleeves

Upcoming songs and albums of Ed Sheeran 2015

Ed Sheeran is an amazing singing star who knows well how to win the heart of audience. Fans are waiting for the list of Upcoming songs of Ed Sheeran 2015. We will share with you soon.

Ed Sheeran’s voice creeps through the ears and sends a strong message to the heart. This is the beauty of his lyrics and music. His songs imbibe a sense of love and all other emotions to the one who listens to it. Jump into 2015 by listening to his style of music and go gaga over it. Celebrate the beauty of lively music with Ed Sheeran as he continues to awestruck all his fans.

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