Ellie Goulding All Time Top Songs List for 2015: grew with the best music surrounding

With a unique genre of folktronica, a singer who emerged with the best song- Presenting Top 5 songs of Ellie Goulding

Elena Jane, popularly known by her stage name Ellie Goulding was born on 30 December 1986. This English Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer was spotted with the famous Jamie LillyWhite. She was born and raised in a small village in Herefordshire and is the second of her all the four siblings. She began playing the clarinet when she was too naïve to understand, but grew with the best music surrounding and embraced it intelligently.

top new songs and upcoming songs of Ellie Goulding and albums list in 2015
Started out young with different instruments and now known for her amazing tone and lyrics – Presenting the Top 5 songs of Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding is known for her participation in the British Heart Foundation. A philanthropist along with the best notes and the music, this singer is known for releasing her discography and EPs. Following are the two main albums under the Ellie Goulding discography:

• Halcyon
• Lights

We are aware that you love going gaga over Goulding’s music and therefore we have worked towards getting the best songs and lyrics of this singer. Following are the topmost songs of this singer that you will love listening repeatedly.

List of Top 5 songs of Ellie Goulding 2015:

1. Lights: One can interpret this song in different ways. The unique lyrics and the use of the best instruments in the song, Goulding’s voice sprees out of the song. This was the best that the writer has every written and sung so far. This is why; this is one the top of our list. The song is full of dreams and has the best bass ever. The beats compliment the tone of her voice perfectly.

2. Burn: This is another breakthrough of music and lyrics. Known as the second most famous song by the singer, this gained the top spot in the entire song list in the country. The music is a bit slow but will not sound boring at all. This song gained the number one spot in UK’s chart list.

3. Figure 8: any other singer cannot note the inexplicable feeling that this song lays upon its listeners. When this song is playing in your ears and head, you heart will be on the fastest pace. Her voice in this song is so crisp and clear. It cuts through the music so perfectly. When listening to this song, one is sure to get addicted and utterly obsessed with her style of singing. The video to this song is also amazing and holds a special meaning.

4. Anything Could Happen: It is one of the deepest and the most meaningful songs in Goulding’s discography. The song holds true essence in multiple ways. Whatever might be your music genre, when you listen to this composition it will blow your mind. The lyrics and the complimenting tune of this song is so spontaneous. This is why; it is on our list and we wish that you should listen to this amazing song and its lyrics. It stands out amongst all other pop songs in this era.

5. My Blood: The music of this song is sure to pump you up. With lyrical genius and the purest form of poetry, this female singer has delivered the best-known music to the world.

The List of Top 20 Ellie Goulding Songs for 2015

1. Burn
2. Anything Could Happen
3. Lights
4. Your Song
5. Figure 8
6. Starry Eyed
7. Lights – Single Version
8. Beating Heart
9. My Blood
10. Goodness Gracious
11. Only You
12. Explosions
13. I Know You Care
14. Halcyon
15. How Long Will I Love You
16. Don’t Say a Word
17. How Long Will I Love You – Bonus Track
18. Dead in the Water
19. Guns and Horses
20. Joy

Upcoming songs and albums of Ellie Goulding 2015

Are you ready to get the list of Upcoming songs of Ellie Goulding 2015? If yes, then keep visiting this section at regular interval as we will share the same with you soon.

Her song in Divergent is sure to be in the playlists of most of her fans. She continues on her venture to find the best music with varied use of instruments in them. To know more about her recent additions, stay with us. We will make sure to keep you updated with all Ellie Goulding songs and music, Stay tune to know more.

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