Eminem All Time Top Songs List for 2015: an amazing artist with great talent and wonderful rapping ability

Eminem is the stage name of Marshall Bruce Mathers III who was born in October 1972. He is an American rapper, song writer and record producer. He is a best known rapper who has earned great accolades and appreciation from different parts of the world. He is the best selling artist of the 2000s in the United States. He is also declared as the King of Hip Hop by the Rolling Stone magazine. He is one of the leading rappers of the world and has gained great attention from the critics and music lovers alike. He is an amazing artist with great talent and wonderful rapping ability. He is widely appreciated and loved by all youngsters around the world.

top new songs and upcoming albums in 2015 of Eminem
He is also regarded as the world’s best selling artists of all time and is very famous for his excusive raps and great music sense. His fans always o crazy for his wonderful innovations and great sense of rhythm and beat. He came up with his debut album in 1996 and soon rose to popularity. In 1999 he came up with his second album The Slim Shady LP. The album was a huge commercial success and he also earned his Grammy Award for the Best Rap Album. Through his other major musical albums the rapper gained international recognition and earned effective fame because of critical and commercial success.

Explore the world of amazing songs with Eminem

Gain the best opportunity to enjoy your time and to get the best track for your party. His songs are always energetic and posses great lyrics which helps the youngsters to connect with it. The fans want to gain great enjoyment through the songs of Eminem.

List of Top 5 songs of Eminem in 2015

We are bringing the top 5 Rap songs 2015 of the singer for making his fans cherish his work and to help them to get introduced to the great rhythm and beats.

Here is the list of top 5 songs of the rapper:

1. Lose Yourself- This is a fantastic song with great message attached with it. The song is considered as a beautiful combination of perfect lyrics and great melody which has helped it to enhance its position in the chartbusters. This rapper has delightfully enjoyed great fame and attention because of this high quality and wonderful song of the singer.

2. Not Afraid- This song is considered as one of the super cool songs of the rapper. It is also regarded by the listeners as a great song that inspires them and brings them back to life whenever they think low. Its fantastic lyrics makes the listeners go down on their knees and enjoy it. It gives them a strength to face anything that comes their way.

3. Stan- this song of the rapper wonderfully dictates a story and its perfect lyrics make it an awesome choice for all individuals who love to listen something unique and different. High quality lyrics and mesmerizing tempo of the song will let every listener to lose themselves and feel calm and patience.

4. Sing for the Moment- This is a wonderful song which is makes you feel tremendous. The song makes the spectators sense the moment and helps them to gain the pleasure of the rhythm. This is a song that has reserved a special place among the minds and hearts of the people.

5. Mockingbird-This is a great song produced by the rapper. It is also one of his most popular songs. The song has everything that touches your heart and which makes you fill with passion and emotion. Even the uniqueness and wonderful lyrics did the perfect task of grabbing the attention of the listeners.

The List of Top 20 Eminem Songs for 2015

1. The Monster
2. Rap God
3. Berzerk
4. The Real Slim Shady
5. Without Me
6. Lose Yourself
7. ‘Till I Collapse
8. Guts Over Fear
9. Lose Yourself – Soundtrack Version (Explicit)
10. Stan
11. My Name Is
12. Not Afraid
13. Mockingbird
14. Survival
15. Sing for the Moment
16. Love The Way You Lie
17. The Way I Am
18. Like Toy Soldiers
19. Cleanin’ Out My Closet
20. Bad Guy

Upcoming songs and albums of Eminem 2015

When it comes to rap songs the very first name which comes to mind is of Eminem. He is an excellent rapper whose every song speaks something different. In order to entertain the fans of Eminem, very soon we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Eminem 2015.

Enjoy the year 2015 with Eminem songs and experience the real happiness in life, Stay tuned to our website and get further detail about the rapper and his musical tours and new albums.

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