Enrique Iglesias All Time Top Songs List for 2015: Real talent can never be hidden

Real talent can never be hidden; it glitters as stars and is preferred by everyone- Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is known as the king of Latin pop, because of this some great pop songs. He was born in Madrid in Spain. He is a well know face who is knows as a successful singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He is a Spanish who started his carrier in mid 1990s from Fonovisa label and become most popular star in America. He has produced several Spanish language albums that gained the attention of every individual. He also holds the specialty of providing diversity to music by involving varieties in languages and genres.

new and top songs list and albums by Enrique Iglesias in 2015
Carrier that is filled with several hit songs – Presenting top 5 songs of Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias has won around 26 Billboard Latin Music Awards and 16 Billboard Music Awards. Moreover, he has also won almost every music awards of United States. His first album that released in 1995 is “Enrique Iglesias” that gained record selling even in its first week and started his music carrier. Thereafter he never looked back and gave repeated pop music albums to his fans. Here are the popular albums of Enrique Iglesias, which you should listen to experience the fresh and energetic music.

• Enrique Iglesias
• Vivir
• Cosas del Amor
• Enrique
• Escape
• Quizás
• 7
• Insomniac
• Euphoria
• Sex and Love

We have prepared a list of his top songs that are highly preferred by music lover in America

List of Top 5 songs of Enrique Iglesias 2015

1. Bailamos: Song Bailamos was released back in 1999; however, it still holds the top position in Enrique Iglesias top songs list. This song is in both English and Spanish language to cover more fans from various countries. It is highly preferred by female fans all across the world. This song kept Enrique Iglesias in No 1 position in English song lovers. Will Smith chose Enrique Iglesias for his popular songs like Bailamos and Wild Wild West that made history and made Enrique Iglesias popular in music industry.

2. Hero: This song was released 11 years ago but still rooted deep into the hearts of listeners. It gained high attention from the critics and resulted in great commercial success song of Enrique Iglesias. It was remixed by audio from police, politicians, firefighters, and civilians. Moreover, it is also loved for its accompanying video.

3. Dirty Dancer: Another popular song of Enrique Iglesias is Dirty Dancer. With the help of two popular names Lil Wayne and Usher, he was able to record this beautiful song. This song is from “Euphoria” album that ranked No 1 song on Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs. Moreover, it is highly preferred song in clubs and restaurants to have some dirty dance.

4. Be With You: This was the first Grammy nominated Enrique song that has mind-blowing track. Its track is highly preferred by people to dance in parties and clubs. This song is from Enrique Iglesias’s album “Believe” and become very popular among every age group people.

5. Finally Found You: This is one of the latest songs of Enrique Iglesias. It also introduces his skill in electro pop music. Moreover, ‘Finally Found You’ got great demand from its fans and was the most frequently played song on air. This song is known for explosive track, sweet lyric and energetic beats, hence, it is sufficient to amuse masses.

The List of Top 20 Enrique Iglesias Songs for 2015

1.Rhythm Divine
2. Bailando
3.Finally Found You
4. Hero
5. I’m a Freak
6. Heart Attack
7. Loco
8. I Like It
9. Cuando Me Enamoro
10. Noche Y De Dia
11. Tonight (I’m ****in’ You)
12. Bailamos
13. There Goes My Baby
14. Escape
15. El Perdedor
16. Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
17. Bailamos – Wild Wild West/Soundtrack Version
18. Be With You
19. Turn the Night Up
20. Bailando (feat. Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zon

Upcoming songs of Enrique Iglesias 2015

Enrique Iglesias is young yet talented and knows well how to capture the hearts of millions of fans across globe. To fulfill the desire of the fans of Enrique Iglesias we will share with your shortly the list of Upcoming songs of Enrique Iglesias 2015 .

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