Eric Church All Time Top Songs List for 2015: one of the renowned face in American music industry

Love towards music and dedicates made Eric Church one of the renowned face in American music industry

Eric Church brought a new revolution to the American country music and is known for being the creative singer and songwriter of America. He was born in the year 1977 in Granite Falls, North Carolina and showed his early signs of a singer in his teenage. His singer journey starts from his college where he found gig with his seniors and played several Jimmy Buffett cover songs. Moreover, his band also played in bars and restaurants for few years, and in 2005, his musical carrier began.

top new songs list of Eric Church in 2015 and upcoming albums
Music carrier of Eric Church that gave fans few best songs: List of top 5 songs from him

In 2005, Eric Church wrote ‘The World Needs a Drink’ and ‘Whiskey Wings’ that started his professional carrier. Initially he started recording songs with various producers; however, lately he started working with producer Jay Joyce. “Sinners Like Me” was his first album that made him popular all across the country that was released in 2006 and lately another album “Carolina” that completely made him a popular face in music industry. Here are the list of top albums that shows the creativity and success in music carrier of Eric Church.

• Sinners Like Me
• Carolina
• Chief
• Caught in the Act
• The Outsiders

list of Top 5 songs of Eric Church in 2015

Eric Church has long list of fans, and for them, here is the list of top 5 Songs of Eric Church.

1. Springsteen: This is a popular song that has won Songs of the year ACM Awards in the year 2012. It is the best song from “Chief” album that was released in 2011. This song also changed the life of Eric Church and made him a great storyteller.

2. Drink in My Hand: This song reflects the real nature and life of Eric Church. This shows his creativity as a poet to portray his real life into song. It is one of the best songs of “Chief album”. This was the most successful song in perspective of commercial and as a successful singer for him. This was the main reason for fans to hear Springsteen.

3.Like Jesus Does: In America, vulnerable songs were very trendy in 2011, however, Eric Church was new to it, but finally after the release of this song, he was now the most trusted singer for such romantic songs and is highly accepted by fans all around the country. It is said, that he had his wife in his mind that made him to crack this song. Moreover, the lyrics of this song describe the ways that women keep a bad boy straight. It is the most favorable song from the album “Chief”.

4. Smoke a Little Smoke: This song was the highest demanding song by fans from the radio stations in the year 2009. This song was the greatest demanding song from the album “Carolina”. This song popularized Eric Church and increased the number of fans in America. Moreover, this song remained super hit for almost 15 months, as it is a unique song.

5. Over When It’s Over: This song reflects the musical talent of Eric Church. As Chief album produced many super hits songs, it gave new fans and growth to the carrier of Eric Church. This song reflects the depth of the Eric Church’s talent and his creativity in this profession.

The List of Top 20 Eric Church Songs for 2015

1. Springsteen
2. Give Me Back My Hometown
3. Drink In My Hand
4. Cold One
5. Smoke A Little Smoke
6. Creepin’
7. Homeboy
8. Talladega
9. Like Jesus Does
10. The Outsiders
11. Love Your Love The Most
12. Guys Like Me
13. **** On The Heart
14. Over When It’s Over
15. Sinners Like Me
16. I’m Gettin’ Stoned
17. Jack Daniels
18. Keep On
19. How ‘Bout You
20. Carolina

Upcoming songs and albums of Eric Church 2015

If you want to listen some good songs which can bring new spark in your life then make sure to hear the songs of Eric Church. We are confident that you are going to love his songs. Very soon we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Eric Church 2015.

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