Iggy Azalea All Time Top Songs List for 2015, Listen to the finest songs in the soothing voice

Listen to the finest songs in the soothing voice of Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is the stage name of Amethyst Amelia Kelly who is a very popular Australian recording artist. This beautiful singer is also a very wonderful model and has garnered great acclaim in her modeling career. She came up with her debut mixtape, Ignorant Art in 2011 which became very famous and brought her the necessary attention that she required for her success. Her first debut studio album, The New Classic was released in April 2014 and it was wonderfully received by the audiences. It became among the top five albums of several charts throughout the world. It brought great attention for the singer and also helped her to garner positive accolades and amazing responses. This female rapper soon started to rule the music world as well her fans’ hearts through her undeniable performances and great vocal ability.

top new songs list of Iggy Azalea in 2015
The presence of Iggy Azalea in the music industry is highly cherished and enjoyed by her fans who love to listen to her great and amazing songs. It is through her talent and wonderful musical ability that the rapper has made a unique position and has carved a wonderful place for her in the industry. Her songs are also known for occupying the number one place of the Billboard Hot 100 for a long period of time.
Beautiful songs of Iggy Azalea that makes the audiences made for her We are presenting her some of the finest and exclusive songs of the rapper that will surely make you feel the emotions and feeling behind it.

List of Top 5 songs of Iggy Azalea in 2015

We are bringing the top 5 rap songs 2015 that will make you agree that the rapper is excellent talented and will definitely make you her fan.

Here is the list of top 5 songs that will entertain you:

1. Change Your Life- This song has not only wooed the music lovers and the enthusiasts but has also wonderfully amused the people from the music industry. Wonderful voice of the singer and her great musical understanding has made this song a masterpiece which is loved and adored by many. It is through this song that the singer has been able to establish a wonderful reputation for herself in the industry.

2. Black Widow- This is the most popular and amazing song sung by the singer. She has made the listeners love her voice and skills and has garnered great attention from them. It is through the help of this song that the singer has wonderfully been able to step the ladder of success and rule over millions of hearts amazingly.

3. Booty- the grabbing melody and great lyrics of this song has brought great acclaim to it and it has also helped the critics to enhance their ideas and opportunities. This is an amazingly popular song which is known for its composition and the wonderful vocal ability of its singer. It has been able to satisfy the desire of the music enthusiasts and has helped them to get introduced to something rare and different.

4. Beg for It- It is through the help of this song that Iggy Azalea has made a strong hold of herself in the industry. She managed to woo her audience and gave them a reason to cherish her presence through this wonderful and great song. It is a rare and one of its kind music which wonderfully describes a situation.

5. Fancy- This is one of the most exclusive and entertaining songs of the singer. Her great inclination and dedication towards coming up with something amazing is reflected through this song. It has also been able to make the world know the charm and strength of this singer.

The List of Top 20 Iggy Azalea Songs for 2015

1. Fancy
2. Black Widow
3. Work
4. Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)
5. Bounce
6. Walk the Line
7. Lady patra
8. Change Your Life
9. Don’t Need Y’all
10. **** Love
11. Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora)
12. Impossible Is Nothing
13. Goddess
14. Rolex
15. My World
16. Beg for It
17. Just Askin’
18. Change Your Life (feat. T.I.)
19. Iggy SZN
20. 100

Upcoming songs and albums of Iggy Azalea 2015

We are sure that you all will be looking forward for the list of Upcoming songs of Iggy Azalea 2015. We promise that very soon we are going to share the same with you.

For further updated information about the singer and her future prospects stay tuned to our website. We will keep you updated about latest information about this Iggy Azalea.

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