Imagine Dragons All Time Top Songs List for 2015: a leading rock band from Las Vegas

Imagine Dragons is a leading rock band from Las Vegas. This leading American band gained significant exposure from September 2012 after the release of their debut album Night Vision. The band consists of vocalist Dan Reynolds, bassist Ben McKee, guitarist Wayne “Wing” Sermon and drummer Daniel Platzman. Their first studio album was an immediate hit among the fans all around the world. The album also ranked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and it also helped the band to top the year end ranking. This album also brought much fame and recognition from the fans and critics. It also helped them to win an American Music Award for Favorite Alternative Artist and Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance. Through the unrivalled talent of the members, the band managed to bring innovation and creativity in the industry with a fresh new air along with their performance.

top new songs of Imagine Dragons in 2015 list
Listen to the popular songs of the Imagine Dragons

Rock music is popular throughout the world and the first single of this band “It’s Time” was wonderfully accepted by his fans as they got something unique to cherish and to listen to. The rock music lovers around the world have become a great fan of this band and they always look forward to enjoy the wonderful compositions of the group. Their songs have figured the most realistic and innovative sentiments and emotions with great harmony with music and rhythm. To complete your collection of Top 5 American rock songs 2015 we have got the best songs of the band that will enhance the value of your playlist.

List of Top 5 songs of Imagine Dragons in 2015

We are confident about the fact that the below five songs of this Band will surely take your breath and make you the fan for lifetime.

Here is the list of top 5 songs of the band:

1. Demons- The great flow of music and wonderful rhythm of the song makes it a superb track that the listeners always get attracted to. The way the song has been sung is incredible and its composition has also gained the necessary acclaim that it deserves. Its meaningful lyrics have touched the fans and have brought significant accolades towards their work.

2. Radioactive- This is a highly entertaining song with great music and unrivalled melody that has perfectly wooed the listeners and made them attracted towards it. This song is also considered as one of the most significant piece of music that is developed by the band. Nothing can make you feel comfortable and calm like this song can.

3. It’s Time- It is regarded as one of the best songs produced by the band. It has great and wonderful music and is highly appreciable because of its great emotions and effective feelings. The band has garnered and has received positive and effective acclaim from the musical industry through this piece of wonderful music.

4. Bleeding Out- This is a great and perfect song that has been produced by the band for its fans and listeners. It wonderfully uplifts the mood of the people and brings them in great contact with the most interesting lyrics and great charm of music. It has the ability to make everyone feel the melody and tune of the track.

5. On Top of the World- The song is known for its catchy tunes and great lyrics and it has been wonderful for making everyone feel good and awesome. This is an undeniable song that makes you mesmerize through its incredible song and rhythm.

The List of Top 20 Imagine Dragons Songs for 2015

1. Radioactive
2. Demons
3. On Top of the World
4. It’s Time
5. Warriors
6. Bleeding Out
7. Tiptoe
8. Amsterdam
9. Hear Me
10. Battle Cry
11. Every Night
12. Underdog
13. I Bet My Life
14. Round and Round
15. My Fault
16. Working Man
17. Selene
18. America
19. The River
20. Nothing Left to Say / Rocks

Upcoming songs and events of Imagine Dragons 2015

With every passing day this band is getting more and more popularity across globe and doing concerts at different parts of the world. Being a true fan of Imagine Dragons, you will be looking forward for the list of Upcoming songs of Imagine Dragon 2015. We will update this section soon with latest songs to help you stay updated.

You can get more and more updates about this amazing band by keeping a look at this website. You will love to stay updated and informed about the upcoming albums and new singles of the Imagine Dragons which are all set to entertain you, Stay tuned.

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