Jake Owen All Time Top Songs List for 2015: a sports person in American Music industry

Great success and contribution of a sports person in American Music industry- Jake Owen

Jake Owen is a well renowned face in the American Music industry. He was born on August 28, 1981 in Winter Haven, Florida. He was very interested in various games and started pursuing golf as a profession. He also won his first tournament when he was just fifteen. However, Wakeboarding accident caused him great injury and he stopped playing sports. After recovery he barrowed a guitar from his neighbor and began to learn music. Initially he used to play gig at a bar and soon became popular among the people.

Jake Owen top new songs list in 2015 with upcoming albums
Struggle that accomplished in success of Jake Owen: Top 5 songs of Jake Owen

Jake Owen faced lot of struggle in starting face of his carrier and met with famous songwriter Jimmy Ritchey who along with Chuck Jones wrote a song ‘Ghost’ but was not recorded. However, his musical carrier started in the year 2005 when he signed RCA Nashville label. Sony BMG was the first one to view the musical talent in Jake Owen in music industry. Moreover, in order to gain success in his music carrier he also changed his first name to Jake. In the year 2006, Jake Owen released his debut album ‘Startin’ with Me’and his other consecutive releases are “Yee Haw” and “Something About a Woman”. After the release of his popular albums, he was also signed as an opening act for popular acts such as Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. Moreover, his “Startin’ with Me” was the first one to be listed in the Top ten hit. In 2009, he released his second album “Easy Does It” and it debuted as the No 2 album on Billboard Top Country Albums. Some of the major albums of this singer are:

• Startin’ with Me
• Easy Does It
• Barefoot Blue Jean Night
• Days of Gold

Jake Owen being a true singing sensation, we all wants to know the top 5 list of songs of this star. We have researched and have prepared the list of top 5 songs of Jake Owen.

List of Top 5 songs of Jake Owen in 2015

1. Barefoot Blue Jean Night: This song is the greatest hit of Jake Owen. This song gained its access to the hearts of several fans in this country. Moreover, it remained top song for long time.

2. Startin’ With Me: This is the second popular song from ‘Startin’ With Me’ album. This song was related to the best answers to Yee Haw. This song reflects the sorrow story that touched the heart of his fans.

3. Days of Gold: This song is among the greatest releases of Jake Owen so far. This song provides great peace to listeners and leaves a gasping in the finish. This song reflects the golden days of youths life and his eagerness to achieve everything quickly in life.

4. Eight Second Ride: It is from ‘Easy Does It’ album and has unanimous fans for it. This song was released in the year 2009, and gained mixed reviews from critics. This song also holds importance in Jake Owen’s life, as he met her wife while shooting this song.

5. Alone With You: This song is the latest song that gained its popularity among its fan and is from ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ album. Its video and lyrics of song has made it platinum in 2012.

The List of Top 20 Jake Owen Songs for 2015

1. Beachin’
2. Barefoot Blue Jean Night
3. Anywhere With You
4. The One That Got Away
5. Alone With You
6. Days of Gold
7. Eight Second Ride
8. Summer Jam (feat. Florida Georgia Line)
9. What We Ain’t Got
10. P*** A Beer
11. Life of the Party
12. Keepin’ It Country
13. Apple Pie Moonshine
14. Ghost Town
15. Drivin’ All Night
16. Yee Haw
17. Tipsy
18. Don’t Think I Can’t Love You
19. Heaven
20. Good Timing

Upcoming songs and events of Jake Owen 2015

Jake Owen is one of the leading stars in the world of music. His amazing voice reached the heart of millions of people across globe and proof for the same is his huge fan base. Almost all fans of this singing sensation are waiting for the list of Upcoming songs of Jake Owen 2015.

Here in this space we will share with you the list of songs of Jake owen which will hit the floor soon, Stay tuned with us.

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