Jason Aldean All Time Top Songs List for 2015: A country music lover

A country music lover who worked hard to get through the struggles in the music industry- Presenting Top 5 songs of Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean was born on 28 February 1977. This American country music singer, has known to mesmerize the world with his double platinum certified music from the year 2005.The taste of country song in its best form and style that will blend with the feelings of a perfect countryside – Presenting the Top 5 songs of Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean top new songs list 2015 and upcoming albums
Continued to mesmerize the world through his singing as a pop country artist, this singer’s first released album was under his own name. With the first song, the singer reached to the peak of his career. The major albums of this country singer are:

• Wide Open
• Relentless
• Old Boots, New Dirt
• Jason Aldean
• My Kinda Party
• Night Train

We all know that you go head over heels to listen to this singer’s greatest number. Therefore, we along with our experts have prepared a list of the Top 5 songs of Jason Aldean.

List of Top 5 songs of Jason Aldean in 2015:

1. Big Green Tractor: By every measure, this is so far the biggest song in Aldean’s career. It was in the hit list for four weeks at the first position and closed on two million downloads. Somehow if this was the best song that flowed from the singer’s lips and that too in a pretty way. The person who did not listen to his song sin a row, he had three consecutive hits of the songs from the same album, but the count eventually fell down with the fourth number, which was named as Relentless.

2. She’s Country: This song is from the album called Wide Open. The above-mentioned song called relentless was a dip in his career, but with this first song from the album, his career rose to the peak. This song re-energized the ears of the fans who were disappointed by the earlier Aldean numbers. It is a great song and work well until today as it was working back in the year 2008 and ’09.

3. Don’t You Wanna Stay’ Feat.Kelly Clarkson: Jason Aldean fans were split with the song to some extent with the appearance of Clarkson in the song. With the lyrics and the music, the song hit the charts in no time. Both the singers controlled their vocals on this song, and this is why it is amongst the top hits on the list.

4. My Kinda Party: This song is the lead from Jason Aldean’s most popular and successful album called My Kinda Party. The video of this song is a big hit till date and the song has a unique tone as well. Play it in a bash or a party to make you heart pop and heads twirl. There isn’t an Aldean fan left who will not love this song. If you do not love it after listening to it, then there is surely something wrong with you.

5. Johnny Cash: This song kicks off the list that we have designed and is the first single from his album relentless. After the first three songs that were gold singles, this was the first one to not make it up in the higher sales. However, the tune and the lyrics of the song could not be kept away from Aldean’s fans.

The List of Top 20 Jason Aldean Songs for 2015

1. Burnin’ It Down
2. Dirt Road Anthem
3. When She Says Baby
4. Night Train
5. She’s Country
6. My Kinda Party
7. Take A Little Ride
8. Fly Over States
9. Big Green Tractor
10. Tattoos On This Town
11. Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Kelly Clarkson)
12. The Only Way I Know (with Luke Bryan and Eric
13. Amarillo Sky
14. 1994
15. Tonight Looks Good on You
16. Just Gettin’ Started
17. Sweet Little Somethin’
18. Crazy Town
19. Gonna Know We Were Here
20. The Truth

Upcoming songs and albums of Jason Aldean 2015

The songs of Jason are very popular among music lovers across globe and to fulfill the desire of the fans of Jason we will share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Jason Aldean 2015.

With the huge number of hits, his songs are still in the playlist of all the country music lovers. We have therefore sifted through all his songs and brought to you the best out of all. Stay with us to know more about Jason Aldean.

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