John Legend All Time Top Songs List for 2015: that are heart touching – Must listen

John Legend is the stage name of John Roger Stephens who was born in December in 1978. He is an American singer and songwriter. He is also a well known actor who has wooed the audience through his amazing and wonderful performances. He started his musical career in 2004 with his debut album get Lifted and garnered great accolades from the music lovers around the world. The singer and his wonderful vocal ability has always been a reason for his fans to cherish his voice and enjoy his singing wonderfully. His first album was critically acclaimed and it also helped him to win the 2006 Grammy Award for Best R &B album. He was also nominated for Best New Artist and Best Male R & B Vocal performance.

list of top new john legend songs 2015 list and upcoming albums
His songs like High Road, Me Against the Music, All the Lights and other tracks are included in the Billboard Hot 100. The tracks composed by him have also helped him to rule the chartbusters for consecutive weeks and to put a great standard in the musical industry. In his entire career he won nine Grammy Awards for his wonderful skills and great ability and through this ability he has also achieved great height in his career to gain great accolades and amazing attention from different parts of the world.

Enjoy wonderful songs that will enhance your love for music

The songs composed by this singer are equipped with wonderful beat and mind captivating lyrics along with his great vocal. He has provided his fans with great reason to enjoy his skills and has also ruled over their hearts marvelously.

List of Top 5 songs of John Legend in 2015

We are bringing here the top 5 R &B songs 2015 of this lead singer. You will love to enjoy it and garner wonderful amusement opportunity through his excellent and energetic music and great songs.

Below is the list of the top 5 songs of the singer that you just couldn’t afford to miss out hearing:

1. All of Me-This is a great song which is considered as legendary and is also known for its charm and beauty. This is a beautiful song which is known for its great fluency and amazing lyrics. This song gives goose bumps to many people and is also known for the high quality vocal of the singer.

2. The Best You’ve Ever Had- This is a wonderful song which is known for its high quality and beautiful sense of music and rhythm. It is considered as one of finest songs of the singer and is loved by all. Get a unique touch and beautiful understanding of the song and also enjoy unrivalled beauty and great feeling that it fills you with.

3. Ordinary People- Through this wonderful song the singer have also helped him to rule over millions of world and to come up with something wonderful. The great voice of the singer has made the song a wonderful and highly impressive for the listeners.

4. Made to love- This is a romantic and excellently dramatic song which is unique and excellent. The song makes the listeners fall in love with it and it gives them a reason to understand and get impressed with it. The song also helps the signer to get great attention from the listeners and the critics alike.

5. Save Room- This is one of the finest examples of the wonderful ability of the singer. It is perfect in terms of its rhythm, beat and even the vocal of the artist. Everything is just in place which brings the attention of the listeners and also impress them exclusively.

The List of Top 20 John Legend Songs for 2015

1. All of Me
2. All of Me – Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment Remi
3. You & I (Nobody in the World)
4. Ordinary People
5. Made to Love
6. The Beginning…
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Save Room
9. Save the Night
10. Tonight (Best You Ever Had)
11. All of Me – Live from Spotify Milan
12. Love in the Future (intro)
13. Hold On Longer
14. You & I (Nobody In The World) – R3hab Remix
15. Stay with You
16. Who Did That to You?
17. Used to Love U
18. Wake Up Everybody
19. Tomorrow
20. Dreams

Upcoming songs and albums of John Legend 2015

Want to listen to some melodious voice in 2015 to entertain your mind and soothe your soul? If yes, then listen to songs of John Legend. His songs will surely impress you. To fulfill your desire for good songs we will share with you very soon the list of Upcoming songs of John Legend 2015.

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