Katy Perry All Time Top Songs List for 2015, A multi-faceted singer and songwriter

A living testament to how life and musical influence dictate the life and songs of a True artist- TOP 5 Songs Of Katy Perry

In the American Music industry, Katy Perry is a well know face. Born in the year 1984, this multi-faceted singer and songwriter is actually famous due to her onscreen name. Her parents named her Katy Hudson. During her childhood and teenage days, she was focused on the Gospel Music category. This was also due to the lack of presence of other musical factors in her life.

top new songs list and upcoming albums 2015 of katy perry
A struggle that culminated into hits and global popularity – Presenting the Top 5 songs of Katy Perry

All that changed post the year 2001. This was the year her first album was released. She named it Katy Hudson and decided that she needed a more diverse musical exposure. Six years after moving to Los Angele, she was signed up by Capitol Records. In the year 2008, she experienced fame with songs from her second album titled One of the Boys. Before she released her third album in 2010, she had popular numbers like Teenage Dream, Firework, The one that got away, and California Gurls. She was also briefly married to Russell Brand, an actor from England. The major albums of this singing sensation are:

• Katy Hudson
• One of the Boys
• Teenage Dream
• Prism

We all know that being a true fan of this singing sensation you all will be looking forward to get the list of TOP 5 songs of this star. We along with our experts prepared this below list of Top 5 songs of Katy Perry.

List of Top 5 songs of Katy Perry in 2015:

1. ET: At number one is ET. Katy made the album with Kayne West. Incidentally, both of them count this as their number one song. In fact, she has acknowledged that this album was the most unique of her compositions.

2. Firework: The third song from her third album is at number two. Firework was at number one for four weeks . It made its Hot 100 debut on 18 December 2010. The strong lyrics and a blatant display of her vocal power inspired a whole new bunch of fans and girls around the world. It was adjudged the best Video in 2011 by MTV.

3. California Gurls: The third spot belongs to California Gurls. This was the lead song in Teenage Dream. She collaborated with Snoop Dog and dedicated the song to the Californian women. This became the raging summer hit in 2010. Till date , you can hear the song played at parties held on the beach.

4. I Kissed a Girl: Who can forget the song that picked her out of the wilderness? I Kissed a Girl is among the top four for this very reason. It showcased her prowess as a capable single female artist. This song was counted as the main reason why her second album sold over a million copies. It held the number one spot in the Hot 100 for seven straight weeks from 5 July 2008 onwards.

5. Hot and Cold: At number, five is Hot and Cold. This song had reached number three in the Hot 100 list. This was on 22 November 2008. This song proved critics wrong. Katy Perry proved that she was not a one hit singer. The controversial lyrics showed the world that this was a singer ready to take risks in her song writing.

The List of Top 20 Katy Perry Songs for 2015

1. “I Kissed a Girl” From One of the Boys
2. “Hot n Cold” From One of the Boys
3. “Thinking of You” From One of the Boys
4. “A Cup of Coffee” From One of the Boys
5. “Birthday” From Prism
6. “By the Grace of God” From Prism
7. “Faith Won’t Fail” From Katy Hudson
8. “Fingerprints” From One of the Boys
9. “Ghost” From Prism
10. “If We Ever Meet Again” From Shock Value II
11. “I’m Still Breathing” From One of the Boys
12. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” From Teenage Dream
13. “Legendary Lovers” From Prism
14. “My Own Monster” From Katy Hudson
15. “One of the Boys” From One of the Boys
16. “Peacock” From Teenage Dream
17. “The One That Got Away” From Teenage Dream
18. “This Is How We Do” From Prism
19. “Waking Up in Vegas” From One of the Boys
20. “When There’s Nothing Left” From Katy Hudson

Upcoming songs and albums of Katy Perry 2015

Katy Perry is one of the most promising start in the music industry who knows well the tips and tricks of attracting the audience with her melodious yet sensational voice. We are confident that you all will be looking forward for the upcoming songs of Katy Perry 2015.

Expectation is pretty high that in coming time she will reward her fans with more amazing numbers. Till then we need to wait and watch. We will share the songs of Katy Perry soon with you all, Stay tuned with us.

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