To stand alone and win is talent found in very few people , and this singer have achieved all the big milestones all alone by establishing himself in solo career. Born in 1967 Keith originally is an Australian singer, guitarist and songwriter. He won his first Grammy in 2006 and after that Keith urban has achieved three more Grammy awards. 2006 was a year of tying knots and Keith Urban got married to Nicole Kidman in Australia.

Keith Urban top new songs list and upcoming albums
The childhood talent turned into the biggest music hits:

After winning numerable talent show Keith urban became part of music band Ranch and a debut album was released but later Keith left the band to try his luck in solo singing and here too he reached to the heights. The fondness for American music was gifted to Keith urban from his parents. In 2000 Keith urban first released his solo album. Till date total of nine studio albums of Keith have been released and Fuse is the latest released in September 2013. Keith Urban has also released his own signature guitars.

List of Top five songs of Keith Urban in 2015:

Though, every song of Keith Urban is blissful and a hit in itself but still few songs have been rated as best and the list of top five songs is here:

1. You’ll think of me: To move on from your love is not an easy thing and this song is for all those lovers who can’t give up on the memories of their lovers. This song is written by Darrell Brown, Ty Lacy and Dennis Matkosky, and rarely such rhythmic and soulful songs are heard. The song is from Album “golden roads released in 2002. The song was numbered on lots of charts and also because of this song Keith Urban has earned his first Grammy award.

2. Somebody like you: Again from album “Golden roads” released in 2002, the song somebody like you got huge public response and for the span of six weeks the song was rated as top song on Billboard’s Country song chart. The song was written by John shanks.

3. Day’s go by: Album named “Be here”, gave this hit song which stayed on billboard top list for around four weeks. The song got him CMA entertainer year award in 2004. Song is dedicated to always passing time and that one should live each moment to have a blissful life.

4. Kiss a girl: This is solo song and second song sung from the Keith’s album defying gravity. The song is written by keith himself with support of Monty Powell. Song earned lots of top position on Billboards and the highest was on Hot country songs.

5. Tonight I wanna cry: Last solo song from album Be here of Urban keith, in 2005. Again the song was co – written by Monty Powell. It was also listed on Rank 2 on hot songs list of Billboard’s chart. Later the song was sung by many contestants on various reality shows like American Idol etc.

The List of Top 20 Keith Urban Songs for 2015

1. Cop Car
2. Somewhere in My Car
3. Somebody Like You
4. Little Bit of Everything
5. Days Go By
6. You’ll Think of Me
7. We Were Us
8. Long Hot Summer
9. Making Memories of Us
10. Tonight I Wanna Cry
11. Kiss A Girl
12. Stupid Boy
13. Good Thing
14. For You
15. Better Life
16. You’re My Better Half
17. Where the Blacktop Ends
18. Sweet Thing
19. You Gonna Fly
20. Even the Stars Fall 4 U

Upcoming songs and albums of Keith Urban 2015

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