Kid Ink All Time Top Songs List for 2015 : the best song that can create a history

Kid Ink is the stage name for Brain Todd Collins. He is an American rapper from the Los Angeles who signed with RCA Records. The album that Kid Ink released was an independent album. Up and away, EP titled Almost Home and his second album released from the studio named- My Own Lane. The songs- Show me, Iz U Down and Main Chick are among the triumphant singles of this singer. Kid Ink started his stage performance after his work with the various singing record companies owing to his talent since his teenage. Since then the singer started to sing upon numerous lyrics. Thus he is presently ranking among the awesome rappers all around the globe.

top new songs list of kid ink in 2015 and upcoming albums
Kid Ink has lots of tattoos on his face and arms, toes and hands. He follows a great future provocation of the Chinese symbols. Tattoos and the popular American rap songs are his passion. People, who have true sense of Rap music, will positively love the melody and rhythm of this genre in the upcoming year 2015, anticipated to be the best.

The top 5 songs of Kid Ink that grabbed the audience views

There are many such rap songs in account and thus it had become difficult to point out the best songs among them all. There are some rap songs which are tremendously trendy because of the sentiment and the enclosed words. These songs have figured out the realism and it also has a good collision on the brains of the listeners. To gratify the advocate and craving of realm song lovers we managed to make a collection of TOP 5 American rap songs 2015 and of this season which are surely going to pat their heart.

Here is the list of the top 5 songs of the superb rap singer is as follows:

1. Bad Ass: The song is a terrific rap of the modern era. This is a great song which has been brilliantly sung by Kid Ink. Although the song is named after an adulterated title yet is highly significant in the worlds of teen agers.

2. My City: This is a fun song but it takes into account the lonesome attachment with it which is only felt by the folks who felt like sneaking into the song vigilantly. This is one of the very popular Los Angeles rap songs. The feelings in the song emit wonderful emotions through its lyrics.

3. Sunset: Reflecting the true meaning of American realm, this hymn merely tells an astonishing story and narrates it in the most incredible approach. The song is among the most popular as well as the best songs among the list of Kid Ink Top 5 songs. The song is marvellously sung by the singer Kid Ink.

4. No Miracles: The name as itself suggests that it is all about practical life and the sensitivity which is depicted really in every lyric throughout the song. It is because of the exceptional feeling and sensation attached with the song that is enough to drag huge popularity among the listeners listening from the diverse parts of the world.

5. Get Into the moment: The song is all about a real romanticism in a young heart and soul that rekindles the spirit of the singer. This is based upon a rhythmic tempo which says the spectators about the story of a man who is left in the vibes of commoners. It is because of this reason the song has been among the Top 5 rap songs.

The List of Top 20 KID INK Songs for 2015

1. “Show Me” From My Own lane
2. “Body Language” From Full speed
3. “Main Chick” From My Own lane
4. “Money and the Power” From “Almost Home”
5. “Bad Ass” From Almost Home
6. “Cool Back” From Full speed
7. “Show Me” (feat. Chris Brown) From My Own lane
8. Iz U Down
9. “No Option” From My Own Lane
11. Show Me REMIX
12. “Time of Your Life” From Up & Away
13. Sunset
14. No Miracles
15. The Movement
16. “Keep It Rollin” From Crash Landing
17. “I Just Want It All” From Daydreamer
18. Tattoo of My Name
19. Bossin’ Up
20. More Than a King

Upcoming songs and albums of Kid Ink 2015

The songs of this sensational musical star Kid Ink is high in demand among the music lovers and they are waiting eagerly for the upcoming songs of Kid Ink 2015. We will offer the list of the upcoming songs and concerts for 2015 very soon.

Stay tuned to this website for more updates about the alluring personality of Kid Ink and his musical tours which is anticipated to take place all over the world in the coming year.

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