Kongos Top Songs All Time for 2015 List: Dedication of four brothers made them popular in music industry

Dedication of four brothers made them popular in music industry- The Kongos

Kongos is a South African band that is formed by a group of four brothers namely Johnny, Jesse, Daniel and Dylan Kongos who were the sons of a popular singer and songwriter John Kongos. These brothers spend their childhood time in South Africa and in London where they recorded, composed, and performed during 1996.

Kongos top new songs list and upcoming albums in 2015
Hits that made the Kongos popular among its fans – Top 5 songs from this band

The very popular song “Come with Me Now” that was composed by Kongos was taken as the title song in Holy Motors that made their songs demanding among fans. Kongos released its first album “Lunatic” in the year 2012. Its song “I’m Only Joking” topped several charts of South Africa. Another hit song of them was “Come with Me Now”. Moreover, in 2013, this group also released this album in United States and these consecutive songs started gaining the noticeable exposure from fans. This song also became the theme songs for WWE’s, pay-per-view event Extreme Rules and The Expendables 3. Because of it, Kongos now signed with Epic Records in 2014, and these songs holds the record of selling large number of copies.

Here are some of the popular and renowned albums of Kongos that made it popular among its fans.

• Kongos
• Lunatic

Get the feeling of real sensation of real music. Here is the list of best and popular 5 songs of Kongos.

List of Top 5 songs of Kongos in 2015

1. I M Only Joking: This song is one of the best and popular songs of Kongos that is very popular in discos and clubs. It is also highly demanded by fans in radios. It is popular for its trance and unique beats that have made it a best one of its type. Hence, it is among the list of best songs from Kongos list of top songs.

2. Hey I Don’t Know: Kongos group have written several songs on female attribute and are highly preferred by the fans. This song is also among the one that has reached every fans. If you are the music lover, then this is the best song that can make your day, when you hear the beats of it.

3. Escape: If you hear this song, then you cannot avoid yourself from being the fan of it. You will desire to listen it frequently. After its release, this song was a great hit and was among the new singles of Kongos.

4. Take Me Back: This is award-winning song that is one of the great hit and have touched the hearts of entire music lovers. Their hearts touching lyrics and catchy beats have made it to win several music awards. It is one of the massive blockbusters of Kongos band. Hence, just try to listen it with some attention, you will certainly fall in love to it.

5. Come With Me Now: This song has also reached the hearts of several fans and is the most preferred soundtrack of the famous movie, Expendables 3. Vide of this song was very popular that the original movie. It has become the official theme songs of various televisions. Hence, it is among the top 5 super hit songs of Kongos

The List of Top 20 Kongos Songs for 2015

1. Come With Me Now
2. I’m Only Joking
3. I Want to Know
4. Escape
5. Hey I Don’t Know
6. Kids These Days
7. *** on the Radio
8. As We Are
9. Take Me Back
10. It’s a Good Life
11. Traveling On
12. This Time I Won’t Forget
14. In The Music
15. Come With Me Now
16. Nothing
17. Come With Me Now [Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel]
18. The Way
19. Remember Me
20. The Trouble Is

Upcoming songs and albums of Kongos 2015

The team members of Kongos are so talented that they know well how to win the hearts of audience and create a long lasting impression in the mind. The Rhythm of the songs of Kongos is so amazing that it will hard for anyone to stay away from tapping the toes on the floor.

In short span of time we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Kongos 2015, Stay tuned with us.

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