Lady Gaga All Time Top Songs List For 2015: Enjoy the beautiful tracks

Enjoy the beautiful tracks of Lady GAGA and enjoy the life: Lady GAGA top 5 songs

The world music industry has become really rich with the presence of the music queen Lady GAGA. She born in the year 1986 and started her career as a singer in the year 2005. Before becoming one of the most popular singers, she also worked as song writer for Sony. Since then she never look behind and bagged world’s most precious awards. She has already bagged Grammy Awards, MTV video music awards for 13 times and she also has 11 Guinness books of world records.

lady gaga top new songs list 2015 and upcoming songs and albums
Challenges that she faced and become successful: Presenting the top 5 songs of Lady GAGA

After facing a struggling career, it was the year 2008, when she released her first album named as The Fame and she established her own team known as Haus of GAGA. She performed all around the Europe and gained huge appreciation. After the huge success of this album, top singles such as Just Dance and Poker Face launched into the market. The year 2009, was another successful year for Lady GAGA when she met with splendid success with the album The Fame Monster followed by Bad Romance, Telephone and Alejandro. After gaining a huge success, it was the year 2011 when we were lucky to have another full length music album of Lady GAGA namely Born This Way. Here we can name some sensational albums of Lady Gaga as

• Bad Romance
• Born In This Way
• Pocker Face
• The Edge of the Glory
• Just dance

List of Top 5 songs of Lady Gaga in 2015

The world of music lovers is surely true lovers of songs of Lady GAGA and hence all will surely be waiting to have the details of top 5 songs of this singing sensation.

Here we can list the top 5 songs of Lady GAGA.

1. Born In This Way: This famous song of Lady GAGA released in the year 2011. This song is related to find the perfect way that we all should have in our life. This song can be really treated as an inspirational song to all the people around the world. Music of this song has the power to pull all of us to the dance floor.

2. Bad Romance: This album gained a huge success all around the world. The lyrics and the music of this song have the power to feel our mind with all the happiness. This album released in the year 2009 and till today people have the craze to listen to this song. This song actually showed the artistic quality within Lady GAGA.

3. Pocker Face; Lady GAGA continued to maintain her no 1 place in the world of Pop with this song. This music album released in the year 2008. The lyrics of this song are addictive and the music video is also enjoying. As per music lovers’ opinion, this song has actually made her famous.

4. The edge of Glory: We all love to listen Lady GAGA but for specially this song we can never stop listening to her. The presence of Saxophone within this song has really made the ambience of this song more beautiful. This song is an exception as the beats of this song is just out of the world.

5. You and I: Another big release for the year 2011 of Lady GAGA was You and I. The lyrics of this music were completely inspired by her previous romance with her ex boy friend Luc Carl. In this music video, she disclosed another male character named Jo Calderone. This song was nominated as the best solo pop performance for the Grammy Awards.

The List of Top 20 Lady Gaga Songs for 2015

1. Applause
2. Poker Face
3. Bad Romance
4. Born This Way
5. Alejandro
6. Do What U Want
7. Paparazzi
8. Venus
9. Just Dance
10. Judas
11. G.U.Y.
12. The Edge of Glory
14. ***xx Dreams
15. Aura
16. Marry the Night
17. Telephone
18. Donatella
20. LoveGame

Upcoming songs and albumsof Lady Gaga 2015

Lady Gaga created a special place for her in the world of music and that’s the reason even today she managed to maintain the same sensation among audience with her melodious voice. We are sure you will be looking forward for the Upcoming songs of Lady Gaga 2015.
Very soon we are going to update the list of upcoming songs of lady Gaga, All you need to do is to wait and watch.

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