Lee Brice All Time Top Songs List for 2015: good singer, musician and a good footballer

A true example that show how destiny select between a player and a musician- Top 5 picks of Lee Brice

Lee Brice, an American country singer and lyrics writer, signed his contract with Curb Records, born on 10th June 1979 in Sumter, South Carolina. His parents named him Kenneth Mobley Brice, Jr. During his childhood also he was a good singer, musician and a good footballer too. But an arm injury made him to shift his focus solely on country music as a career.

all time top songs list of lee brice and new upcoming albums and events in 2015
Career graph of a footballer turned singer and songwriter- Top 5 songs of Lee Brice

Lee started his career in 2007 as a song writer with Jason Aldean, Cowboy Crush and Keith Gattis. He also wrote `More than a memory’ in Garth Brooks in 2007 with Billy Montana and Kyle Jacobs that create history in the charts of Billboard hot country songs to debut at 1. He joined Curb Records in 2007 and released his first song `She ain’t right’ followed by many more chartbusters like Happy endings and Upper middle class white trash. He wrote the songs for other artists too like `Crazy days’ and `what it takes’ for Adam Gregory, Eli young band and Garth books. He was married to his girlfriend Sara Nanette in 2013 and blessed with two children. The major compositions of Lee Brice are as under:

• Love like crazy.
• Hard to love.
• I don’t dance.

In addition to the above three albums, he also wrote many singles for himself and others too along with music videos and plays.

List of Top 5 songs of Lee Brice in 2015

1. I drive your truck: The very first song among Top 5 is the third single from the album Hard 2 love which was released in 2012. The song was very emotional and touchy that pays a tribute to the brother who lost his life in serving armed forces by another brother left behind.

2. A woman like you: One more song from the same album Hard 2 love is on number two. This is the love song with the element of realism that men always prefer to have bachelor lifestyle instead of being married.

3. Love like crazy: The first hit always remains special but deserves third place in our list. The title track of the album `Love like crazy’ was an ultimate hit and spent 56 weeks on the charts of Billboard hot country and broke all the records.

4. More than a memory: This is the fourth song which is co-written by Lee Brice along with 3 more writers for Garth Brooks ‘The ultimate hits’ in 2007 when he just started his career. Brice justified with the song well and vocals are brilliant.

5. I don’t dance: One more love song on number five is the title track of the studio album `I don’t dance’ co-written by Lee Brice. The centre of attraction of the song is the love that is always ready to do anything for the lover. The lyrics were really soothing and lighthearted to listen.

The List of Top 20 Lee Brice Songs for 2015

1. I Don’t Dance
2. Hard To Love
3. Drinking Cl***
4. Parking Lot Party
5. A Woman Like You
6. I Drive Your Truck
7. Love Like Crazy
8. Good Man
9. Girls In Bikinis
10. She Ain’t Right
11. That’s When You Know It’s Over
12. Beautiful Every Time
13. That Don’t Sound Like You
14. Friends We Won’t Forget
15. Beer
16. Show You Off Tonight
17. Don’t Believe Everything You Think
18. No Better Than This
19. Always The Only One
20. I Don’t Dance (Radio Edit)

Upcoming songs and events of Lee Brice 2015

When your desire is to listen some quality country songs to soothe your mind and soul, then do listen to the awesome songs sung by Lee Brice. Very soon we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Lee Brice 2015.

Mescalero, NM, United States – 10 Jan
Syracuse, NY, United States – 22 Jan
Ledyard, CT, United States – 23 Jan
Panama City, FL, United States – 30 Jan
Naples, FL, United States – 31 Jan
Corbin, KY, United States – 7 Feb
Harrisburg, PA, United States – 14 Feb
Westbury, NY, United States – 15 Feb
Independence, MO, United States – 19 Feb
Bloomington, IL, United States – 20 Feb
Nashville, TN, United States  – 24 Feb
San Antonio, TX, United States – 28 Feb
Kahului, HI, United States – 7 Mar
Honolulu, HI, United States – 8 Mar
Willowbank QLD, Australia – 14 Mar
Austin, TX, United States – 27 Mar
Dothan, AL, United States – 23 Apr
Neenah, WI, United States – 25 Jun
Cadott, WI, United States – 27 Jun
Orem, UT, USA – 31 Jul

Don’t go away and be with us and we will be right back to offer you more news and information about your favorite singing star Lee Brice.

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