Lorde All Time Top songs List for 2015 that entertains the listeners

Lorde is a famous and very talented singer and songwriter of New Zealand. Her real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich- O’ Connor. This wonderful singer stepped in the musical industry through her amazing performance and great vocals. It is through the help of her great and interesting talent and wonderful songs that she has been able to rule the chartbusters for several weeks. Her debut single “Royals” have brought great fame and attention to her and it has also helped her to rule over millions of hearts through her artistic talent and mind blowing performances.

Top new songs list of Lorde n 2015 and upcoming albums
She is a great singer who is comfortable in singing the subgenres of electronic, pop and rock music. Popular with her stage name, Lorde this singer is known for her passion in the field and her great and amazing dedication towards bringing and developing something new and influential for her fans. Her wonderful sense of music and great understanding of melody and harmony has made her fans go crazy for her music. In the coming year 2015 her songs are anticipated to do wonders at the chartbusters and it is expected to introduce her fans with her amazing qualities once again.

Love the best and most exclusive songs of Lorde

Although it is difficult to select the best songs of the singer, but we have brought the Top 5 songs 2015 of this singer for all her fans to cherish her voice and to enjoy marvelous piece of composition which are unrivalled and sure to capture their attention. The listeners and music lovers of the industry are sure to get the best from the singer and they are all set her incredible talent and uplift their mood.

List of Top 5 songs of Lorde in 2015:

We are presenting the list of Top 5 songs of Lorde. These songs will surely soothe your ears in an amazing way. Life will get a new break when you listen to these songs.

Below is the list of top 5 songs of the singer:

1. Team- This is a definitely best song of Lorde and it has something great and exclusive to offer the best to you. This amazing song has wonderfully wooed the listeners and has brought great fame and attention to the singer.

2. Royals- the song is a complete package of rhythm, melody and lyrics. It has appreciation and love for all and it also brings necessary acclaim for the singer. The song has received great accolades and it has helped the singer to gain the most wonderful opportunity to enhance his abilities and come in the forefront.

3. Tennis Court- This is an amazing song which brings the wonderful ability to develop and bring forth the great talent in the forefront. The tempo and great beat of the song has reserved a wonderful place for the singer. The powerful emotions and feelings of the song are capable of wooing every music lover through its excellence and power.

4. Ribs- You just cannot afford to miss out this beautiful song of the singer. The powerful and wonderful song has helped the audience to feel its beauty and to connect with it. The song is one of the best tracks of the singer and it is also known for its great and attractive lyrics.

5. Yellow Flicker Beat- the song has got the powerful combination of skill, great understanding of melody, tune, rhythm and wonderful voice of the singer. It has the ability to woo you and also helps you to hold your breath completely. This is one song that has received great attention and powerful effect of the singer. The song is also known for enhancing the mood of the listeners wonderfully.

The List of Top 20 Lorde Songs for 2015

1. Royals
2. Team
3. Tennis Court
4. Glory and Gore
5. 400 Lux
6. Buzzcut Season
7. Ribs
8. White Teeth Teens
9. A World Alone
10. Still Sane
11. Bravado
12. The Love Club
13. Yellow Flicker Beat – From The Hunger Games:
14. Million Dollar Bills
15. Biting Down
16. Swingin Party
17. Yellow Flicker Beat
18. Everybody Wants to Rule the World
19. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – From “T
20. Flicker (Kanye West Rework)

Upcoming songs and events of Lorde 2015

Lorde made a special place in the hearts of millions of music lovers and that the reason with every passing day her popularity is increasing. These days her fans are looking forward to get the list of Upcoming songs of Lorde 2015.

We will share the list of upcoming songs and concerts for 2015 soon with our readers. Gain further details about the singer through our website. You will love to get updated about Lorde upcoming projects and new albums, Be with us.

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