Luke Bryan All Time top songs List for 2015 brings a charming impact on the minds of the listeners

Luke Bryan is a very well known American country singer and songwriter. His full name is Thomas Luther “Luke” Bryan. He began his career I the mid 2000s and was being able to rule over millions of hearts through her unrivalled and wonderful skills. The look, appearance and great personality of the singer is the main reason because of which he has been able to rule over millions of hearts. It is through his wonderful voice that he made the country music so popular throughout the world. His skills and talents are beyond any comparison and he is also known for his wonderful understanding of music and rhythm. He came up with several amazing singles like Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Rain is a Good Thing, All My Friends Say and We Rode in Trucks which helped him to get a distinctive and amazing position among the leading singers of the world.

Luke Bryan top new songs list 2015 and upcoming albums and events
Through his great talent the singer also won the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Country Music Association Awards. He has wonderfully presented great songs and amazing tracks for his fans and has given them a reason to enjoy and get a taste of his talent. It is through his wonderful determination and strong efforts that he has been able to pursue great musical career and also achieved amazing success.

Get amused through irresistible songs of the singer

The vocal of Luke Bryan is the main reason why people get attracted towards him and his amazing skills and talents have also helped him to rule the chartbusters of several nations. He has wonderfully wooed the audiences and have brought in front of them the amazing quality and ability of the country music and its impact.

List of Top 5 songs of Luke Bryan in 2015

We are presenting to you the top 5 American country songs 2015 of Luke Bryan which you must definitely listen.

Here is the list of top 5 songs of Luke Bryan:

1. Country Girl- This is regarded as one of the best songs ever produced by the singer. He is known for rendering his effective voice to mesmerize his audience and he has truly done that with the help of this song. It has helped him to reach at the peak of his career.

2. Drunk on You- This is a wonderful song that every fan of the singer says is his best creation till date. He has been able to woo his audiences through this irresistible song which is beyond any comparison. The perfect beat and amazing melody which is being loved by the people has been adorned with his charming voice. Every men and women can relate with this song.

3. All my Friends Say- In this entertaining and fun song the singer managed to bring out the best feeling and fill the environment with his charming personality. His quality and effective vocal helped him to rule over the chartbusters. This song is regarded as a lovely lighthearted song which everyone enjoys to listen in order to enhance and uplift their mood.

4. I Don’t want this night to end- This song is something amazing that has been produced by the singer. He came up with this brilliant piece of music which enhanced introduced the music lovers with the wonderful ability of the singer and also helped them to stay connected and to garner great attention from them.

5. Someone Else Calling You Baby- This song was launched in 2009 and it helped the singer to wonderfully garner great attention from his fans and critics. This is a great emotional song which is rare and is unique in terms of its beat and wonderful lyrics which helped it to become a Gold single.

The List of Top 20 Luke Bryan Songs for 2015

1. Play It Again
2. That’s My Kind Of Night
3. Roller Coaster
4. Drunk On You
5. Crash My Party
6. Country Girl (Shake It for Me)
7. Drink A Beer
8. I Don’t Want This Night To End
9. Rain Is a Good Thing
10. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
11. She Get Me High
12. I See You
13. Beer In The Headlights
14. Do I
15. All My Friends Say
16. Someone Else Calling You Baby
17. We Run This Town
18. Dirt Road Diary
19. Out Like That
20. Blood Brothers

Upcoming songs and events of Luke Bryan 2015

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