Maroon 5 All Time Top Songs List For 2015: world class music that touches your heart

A living example to show how joint efforts can create world class music that touches your heart- TOP 5 songs of MAROON 5

Maroon 5 as the name suggests is the name of an American rock band consisted of five members when regrouped in 2001. The band is also known as Kara’s Flowers initially with its four members Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Ryan Dusick in 1994 originated in Los Angeles, California.

top new songs list of maroon 5 in 2015 and upcoming events
A struggling phase that formed a successful band- presenting the Top 5 songs of Maroon 5

Kara’s Flowers released its first album, The Fourth World in 1997 with Reprise records but in vain. The group again reformed with an additional member James Valentine and renamed as Maroon 5. The band released their first album, Songs about Jane in June 2002 with Octone records. The song `Harder to breathe’ helped them to won Grammy Awards in 2005. After facing many ups and downs the team is finally of six members Matt Flynn in place of Ryan Dusick due to some health issues and PJ Morton. The major albums of this pop band are as follows:

• The Fourth world
• Songs about Jane
• It won’t be soon before long
• Hands all over
• Overexposed
• V

List of Top 5 songs of Maroon 5 in 2015

The contribution of this band in musical field is remarkable. However it is very complicated to select just 5 songs out of the large list, still we have tried with the help of experts to present the list of Top 5 songs of Maroon 5:

1. Moves like jagger: This song is selected as number one song of this band. This song is from their third album `Hands all over’ and featured on Christina Aguilera, an American singer. This foot tapping number is amazing to catch the attention of both teens and adults due to its catchy beats and seductive lyrics.

2. One more night: The number two song is one more night from the album `Overexposed’. The song is ultimate in the heavenly voice of Adam Levine with the great background music and memorable lyrics. The singer sang for a boy who wishes his girl just one night more. What a precious thought.

3. Payphone: Surprisingly one more song from the same album `Overexposed’ is at number three is payphone. The song has a surprise element when Adam Levine brought Wiz Khalifa who wraps so well. The song is about to fix the relationships that are going downhill nowadays.

4. This love: This forever song of Maroon 5 comes at number four. The background score is awesome and lyrics are adorable too. The song is very emotional which shows Adam’s relationship with Jane. A very refreshing song that reminds childhood period.

5. She will be loved: The fifth position goes to this very song which is another milestone in the career of Maroon 5. This song has meaningful and self-explanatory lyrics which tell that there will always be someone who will love me unconditionally and from the bottom of the heart.

The List of Top 20 Maroon 5 Songs for 2015

1. Maps
2. Animals
3. It Was Always You
4. She Will Be Loved
5. One More Night
6. This Love
7. Sunday Morning
8. Moves Like Jagger – Studio Recording From The
9. Payphone
10. Sugar
11. Unkiss Me
12. Daylight
13. Love Somebody
14. Leaving California
15. In Your Pocket
16. Harder to Breathe
17. New Love
18. Misery
19. Coming Back for You
20. Feelings

Upcoming songs and events of Maroon 5 2015

The year 2015 is expected to be happening for the music lovers as in coming time this amazing band is going to release some new songs which will surely entertain its fans in an amazing way. If you are a true fan of this band then in that case you will be looking forward to get the list of Upcoming songs of Maroon 5 2015.

Very soon you will get the list of upcoming songs which will create an amazing atmosphere for you. To stay updated about the latest happening about Maroon 5 keep visiting this website at regular interval. We are here to help you stay updated about the Maroon 5 latest happening in the world of music.

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