MKTO All Time Top Songs List For 2015: dedicated songwriters who also acted in many of the programs and movies

MKTO – Get to know more about the true and dedicated songwriters who also acted in many of the programs and movies.

The MKTO is a musical duet that includes the famous singer Malcolm Kelly and the well-known singer Tony Oller. Malcolm Kelly is an American singer and an actor. He was born on 1992 May 12. He is well known for portraying the Walt Lloyd character on the ABC sequence Lost and also is known for the pop duo MKTO. Tony Oller was born on 25 February 1991. He is an American songwriter and an actor. He is well known for the role that is has played like the Walt Moore on Gigantic and as Daniel on As the Bell Rings.

mkto top new songs list in 2015
Some of the struggles that they have taken to achieve many goals in life.

Malcolm Kelly first acted in 2002, the Antwone Fisher. In this movie, he acted like a child. Besides this, he is also seen many times on TV roles and in many of the programs. Some of the programs are Judging Amy and Malcolm in the Middle. The second film that he acted in was You got Served, in this he was playing a role of a little saint. Tony Oller acted in the original movie of the Unanswered Prayers that was based on the song by the Garth Brooks. He is seen in seasons of both the Disney Channel small sequence as Danny on As the Bell Rings. This feature three of the original songs that are recorded by Tony Oller. He also is seen in the video ‘Could you be the One’ that had premiered on 2 August 2008 on the channel of Disney. It also followed by All You Gotta Do and Here I Go.

The MKTO duo’s self-titled album was released in 2014, and it was the classic single that was a huge hit in the 2014 summer. It was that hit that it reached number 14 on the 100 Billboard Hot. This group signed to the Columbia and Records and released their debut of the Thank You song. It reached the second number on the charts of Australia. It reached number seven on the charts of New Zealand. They together sang the following songs:

• Thank You
• American Dream
• God Only Knows
• Classic
• Good Bye

The American Dream was released recently in the 2014.

List of Top 5 Songs of MKTO for 2015

A list of the top 5 songs are detailed below:

1. Thank You: “Thank You” is a teen pop and a pop rap song about a generation’s that is younger and has sarcastic gratefulness towards their earlier generation. After the effects and sufferings of their prior bad behavior, yet it brings encouragement and hope to the people saying that they must stand up for themselves.

2. American Dream: This song shows optimism and concern for the next and the future generation.

3. God Only Knows: Tony and Malcolm play a game called the ‘God Only Knows’ and get too preoccupied with it. In the Video, they show that Tony is bored on his date, and he plays this game to fool his boss. Due some hustle and bustle that is shown in the video, the game breaks and they are left with no game. However, in the end the mailman comes, gives the package, and at last Malcolm, thanks the mailman before directing himself.

4. Classic: The whole idea is about reliving those grand and classic moments by going back in time.

5. Good Bye: It is a very cool song with a rap saying goodbye. At first most of the people thought that this was going to be the last song but it wasn’t.

The List of Top 20 MKTO Songs for 2015

1. Cl***ic
2. Thank You
3. American Dream
4. Could Be Me
5. God Only Knows
6. Forever Until Tomorrow
7. Wasted
8. Goodbye Song
9. Heartbreak Holiday
10. Nowhere
11. No More Second Chances
12. Could Be Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)
13. No More Second Chances (Feat. Jessica Ashley)
14. MKTO – Cl***ic
15. MKTO on Cl***ic
16. MKTO on Thank You
17. MKTO on God Only Knows
18. MKTO on American Dream
19. MKTO on Could Be Me
20. MKTO on Forever Until Tomorrow

Upcoming songs and albums of MKTO 2015

They have made a very reputed and promising place in the music industry. All the videos that they have launched together are hit. Many of them are a fan of them and all their meaning full songs. They have attracted many people not only by their voice but also by their looks and acting.

We will share the list of Upcoming songs of MKTO 2015 very soon with you all, Stay tuned with us.

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