Naughty Boy All Time Top Songs List For 2015: An Indian musician who flourishes in the English music industry

An Indian musician who flourishes in the English music industry with his unique style of DJ- Presenting top 5 upbeats by Naughty Boy.

Shahid Khan was born on 13th March 1985. He is often called by his production and artist name is Naught Boy. He is an English DJ and a songwriter. He is also a record producer and a musician. He is originally from Pakistan, Hertfordshire in Watford. Shahid Khan was studying marketing and business at the University of Guildhall in London, which is now called as the London Metsropolitan University. However, in the first semester, he planned drop out, and he went for many other jobs. Then in the end he decided to and thought to follow his ambition to produce and write his own songs and music, under the name of the recordings of Naughty Boy.

Naughty Boy top new songs 2015 list and upcoming albums
Shahid Khan has struggled and achieved many things and has also written many songs, some of them are mentioned below.

Khan worked with Emeli Sande in the Diamond Rings and also said that he would like to work once again with her, however this time on Wiley’s recordings of Never Be your woman 2010. He came up with his first appearance album in 2013, and it is by this great and wonderful music he has magnificently wooed his viewers. He offered them with efficient and great reason to value and were happy in the work he has done. He has superbly done significant and grand work in making his admirers enjoy his works and also is introduced to some of the best songs and musics. You will love to listen, enjoy the songs of his just right music sense that also makes you amazingly fall for his great songs and efficient music. This is how Khan the multi- talented singer has brilliantly made a huge and professional contribution in the part that has helped him to flawlessly grow an extraordinary and extremely adorable place in the minds of his admirers. There are many wonderful songs that are produced by him, some of them are:

• So Strong Lyrics
• La La La
• Home
• No One’s Here To Sleep
• Daddy

List of The Top 5 songs of the Naughty Boy for 2015

1. So Strong Lyrics- It is amazing and a great song that will introduce you with one of the main exclusive and entertaining attraction and melody to gain the power of the music and to amazingly get wooed with his skill. This is one of the most remarkable songs of Naughty Boy.

2. La La La- This is one of the most excellent songs of Naughty Boy. It helps you to get introduced to the best chances and to take pleasure and love the superb nature of the beats and music of the singer. This is a grand song that helps you to have the benefit of the complete feel.

3. Home- By this amazing song you will get to know more about the most efficient and breathtaking voice of the singer that has the skill to fascinate your attention that brings them huge attention that will totally flatter you.

4. No One’s Here to Sleep- By the top and most special songs that help to learn about the most exclusive types of music and experience by this grand song. You will marvelously love to have the benefit of this song.

5. Daddy- This is a superb song to fall in love with and to associate and love the singer with large emotions and feelings that are hardly ever available through the standard of songs.

The List of Top 20 Naughty Boy Songs for 2015

1. La La La
2. La La La (feat. Sam Smith)
3. Home
4. Lifted
5. Think About It
6. La La La ft. Sam Smith
7. No One’s Here To Sleep
8. Wonder (feat. Emeli Sandé)
9. Wonder
10. No One’s Here To Sleep (feat. Bastille)
11. Top Floor – Cabana
12. La La La – Kaos Remix
13. Welcome To Cabana
14. Pluto
15. One Way
16. Hollywood
17. Think About It (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre
18. Pardon Me
19. So Strong
20. Get Lucky – Bonus Track

Upcoming songs and albums of Naughty Boy 2015

All songs of Naughty Boy got emense popularity and we are sure now the fans are looking forward for the list of Upcoming songs of Naughty Boy 2015 . We will share the same with you soon.

By all his achievements and dedication to his music and work Naughty Boy has fulfilled his dreams and also is a is a role model for many people.

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