Paramore All Time Top Songs List For 2015: a popular and well-known American rock band

A live example of how music influenced the life of the members of Paramore Band

Paramore is a popular and well-known American rock band. The band is from Franklin that is in Tennessee. This musical band was formed in 2004. Currently, the group consists of Hayley Williams as the lead vocalist, guitarist Taylor York, and bassist Jeremy Davis. The band released its debut album known as All We Know Is Falling in 2005 whereas their second album Riot was released in 2007. This album was certified as Platinum in the US and Ireland and Gold in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Paramore top new songs list and upcoming albums 2015
Formation of the most popular musical band paramour and their famous albums

In 2002, Hayley Williams the lead vocalist, who was 13 years old moved from her hometown Meridian, Mississippi and then Franklin, Tennessee. She met brothers Zac Farro and Josh Farro at a weekly supplemental program that was conducted for homeschooled students. Soon after her arrival, she began taking vocal lessons. Prior to forming Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis and Williams, along with her friend Kimee they took part in a funk cover band, which was popularly known as The Factory. Zac Farro and Josh had practiced together after school. The group name was adopted after the member learned the meaning of the homophone that is paramour. They use, spelling Paramore. The major albums by the band are:

• All we know is falling
• Riot
• Brand New Eyes

List of Top 5 songs of Paramore in 2015

We know that you are looking for top 5-song list of the band. Our expert team has prepared a list of famous and most loved songs by the band. Top five songs by Paramore are:

1. All We Know: This song is first in the list. The song was released in damper of 2006 in the United Kingdom. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams wrote the song. The song is about the divorce of Hayley Williams’s parents and the departure of band’s bass player, Jeremy Davis. The song contains lyrics that you can scream around in your bedroom.

2. Pressure: It is ranked 62 on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart. The song was released on July 31, 2005. The video starts with the band abandoned in a warehouse. Shane Drake directed music video for the song. The song is about the pressure that is put by the bosses on an employee. This track was released again with album riot as a bonus track. This song has inspired many people. Hence, it is second on the list.

3. That is what you get: it is third on the list. The song is from the album riot. It is second in Australian single, third in US single and fourth in the UK single. This single is confirmed by Fueled by Roman and MTV. It was released to radio in March 22 in Australia. It is also featured in the video game known as Rock Band 2. The song was certified as Gold in United States on 12 December 2008. It has sold over 5000000 copies. The song stands on 35th rank in the New Zealand RIANZ chart.

4. Misery Business: This song is from the second album of Paramore known as Riot. It is a lead single. The song is on no. 26th on Billboard Hot 100. It is ranked three on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks charts. This song was successful in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. Shane Drake directs the video of the song.

5. Crushcrushcrush: It is a popular song presented by The American Band Paramore. On October 16, 2007, the official music video was premiered. This song is also playable in music video games such as Rock Band Unplugged, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades and Ultimate Band. It is the third single from the album Riot.

The List of Top 20 Paramore Songs for 2015

1. Ain’t It Fun
2. Misery Business
3. Still into You
4. The Only Exception
5. Ignorance
6. crushcrushcrush
7. That’s What You Get
8. Brick by Boring Brick
9. Decode
10. Now
11. Fast in My Car
12. Playing God
13. Last Hope
14. Grow Up
15. Careful
16. Let the Flames Begin
17. When It Rains
18. Hallelujah
19. Part II
20. Daydreaming

Upcoming songs and albums of Paramore 2015

The die heart fans of Paramore songs will be waiting eagerly for the list of Upcoming songs of Paramore 2015. We promise you that we will share the list with you very soon. Keep visiting the website for more information.

Paramore is among the best music band. The band has won millions of hearts around the globe. The fans are expecting that Paramore would keep releasing and giving hit songs in future.

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