Style-Taylor Swift New Singles 2015 Review

Taylor Swift “Style” Review – Taylor Swift returns with a third single ‘Style’ from her chart-topping album 1989, which, as statistics go, is probably destined to be a number one. The photogenic Swift finds herself in the woods, on a beach, in front of a car, and up against a white wall in the music video that’s fairly classic in its direction and look. 1989 has spent eleven weeks at the number one spot on the Billboard charts, and thanks to “Style,” it’s looking like it’ll spend a few more weeks there as well. The video takes a different direction compared to both ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘Blank Space’. It’s moody and sultry, and uses some double exposure as it recounts different events of a past relationship where they cannot stop thinking about each other as they “come back every time”. The song’s hook “we never go out of style” shows the positivity in this relationship, with it all culminating towards one of Swift’s best heartfelt shouting lyrics “TAKE ME HOME”. ‘Style’ certainly shows off the 80s-inspired sound Taylor was going for with this record.

‘Style’ continues the doomed love theme.  Despite knowing all too well that the romance is surely destined for oblivion, the protagonist can’t drag herself away from her stylish Romeo.

With multiple references to legendary fashion setter of the big screen, James Dean, and the classic ruby red lipstick look, the song strives for that dream of America, plucked straight from the silver screen. As our heroes place their heart-shaped chips on the roulette wheel of love, it proves to be the perfect fool’s paradise.

There has been massive speculation about this song’s muse being Harry Styles, however, if Taylor continues to churn out these addictive songs, then who the hell cares who they’re about? The music video is beautifully directed by Kyle Newman and features British model Dominic Sherwood, and you better get used to the song because it’s all you’re going to be hearing on the radio for the next few weeks.

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