Tinashe All Time Top Songs List For 2015 : Upcoming Albums And Events

A live testimony that shows some artists have inborn talents with them- Top new songs of Tinashe

Tinashe is a multi-faceted personality. She is a singer cum dancer cum songwriter besides being an actress and model. She was born in the year 1993 in Lexington, Kentucky but brought up in LA, California. Her original full name was Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe which means ` Lord is always with us’. It is really very surprising to know that she started modeling and acting just at the age of 3 years and started to learn different forms of dancing like ballet, jazz and tap at 4 and continued to participate in many competitions till the age of 18.

Tinashe top new songs list 2015 and upcoming albums and events
A struggle that ends with name and fame- Top new songs of Tinashe

She initiated her musical career by joining The Stunners, a girl group founded by Vitamin C for four years. The group recorded a single Bubblegum with Columbia Records but not released. The gang also released an EP of 5 songs inspired by Madonna, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. The turning point came in her life in 2012 when she released two mixtapes named In case we die and Reverie in her house studio that were most critically acclaimed. Then she signed a contract with RCA Records who released the next mixtape Black Water in 2013 and first solo album Aquarius in 2014. She released her first single song 2 ON in 2014 and proved number 1 song on rhythm radio for more than 4 weeks and 24th position on Billboard Hot 100. She is also known for her acting skills along with music in movies like Cora Unashamed, The polar express and Two and a half men. Her contribution in the music field is as follows:

• Aquarius.
• In case we die.
• Reverie
• Black Water

List of Top 5 songs of Tinashe in 2015

1. 2 on: The number one position goes to the Tinashe’s debut song 2 ON. The song was released in 2014 with RCA labels. The song is from the album Aquarius and featured on famous rapper Schoolboy Q directed by Hannah Lux Davis. The song became a hit and entered in Billboard Hit 100 chart. The song was produced by DJ Mustard.

2. Pretend: Pretend song is on number two from the same album Aquarius in 2014 featured on ASAP Rocky, a Harlem rapper. The director of this number is Jodeb.

3. Bet: Another song from the same album Aquarius is on number three. The song is featured on Devonte Hynes. She was simply unbeatable in this song.

4. Cold sweat: One more song from the hit album of 2014 is on number four. This personal favorite number of Tinashe was produced by Sango, Skysense and Boi-1da.

5. Feels like Vegas: It is simply unbelievable that all the top 5 songs of Tinashe are from her single album Aquarius. This sexy bedroom romantic number is produced by Sargate. Another impressive and sensuous song in the beautiful and heart-touching voice of Tinashe.
This is just an attempt to present 5 top songs of Tinashe with the help of our experts.

The List of Top 20 Tinashe Songs for 2015

1. 2 On
2. Pretend
3. Bet
4. Aquarius
5. Feels Like Vegas
6. All Hands on Deck
7. Cold Sweat
8. 2 On (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
9. Far Side of the Moon
10. Indigo Child (interlude)
11. Thug Cry
12. Wildfire
13. Bated Breath
14. Deep in the Night (Interlude)
15. The Storm (Outro)
16. How Many Times
17. What Is There to Lose (interlude)
18. Pretend (feat. A$AP Rocky)
19. The Calm (interlude)
20. The Leap

Upcoming songs and albums of Tinashe 2015

If you are the true fan of this singing star then we are quite sure about the fact that you will be looking forward to get the list of Upcoming songs of Tinashe 2015. Here in this space we are going to share with you the list of the upcoming songs which are about to hit the floor in 2015.

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