Top Funny comedy songs 2015 to make you laugh this season

Laugh with top Funny comedy songs for 2016

Nowadays, human life is stuffed with all serious moments, making people live life full of anxiety. Day by day our lives are turning quite mechanical, lacking the core entertainment factor. Basic requirements of healthy life are healthy and good entertainment. More specifically, a grand happy life is that which is formed of the blend of various entertaining elements viz. music, movies and songs. There are number of fertile ways of tasting quality entertainment like watching quality movies, listening 2016 funny comedy songs, and much more. Of all listening humorous funny can be considered as a real easy and one of the best forms of entertainments. Funny songs, as the words themselves speak out are an asset of generating fun for the listeners.

top comedy songs list in 2016
Popular Comedy songs releases of 2015

The year 2014 has been a grand year as it holds releases of countless awesome funny songs 2016. The industry features number of musical comedians that have been bringing up the best to keep us entertained. The great musical artists- Tenacious D, Kyle Gass, Jack Black, John Mammoser, Tom Lehar, and many others, have done a great job in bringing up graded and starling musical product releases into the market. The main spotty ones comedy musical releases include “Take off” by Bob and Doug McKenzie, “When I’m dead” by the very famous Al Yankovic Lasagna, “the Night Santa Went Crazy”, “the Curley Shuffle”, “fish heads”, “existential blues”, “the Home coming queen’s Gotta Gun”, “Last Will and Temparamnet”,” I hate when that happens”, and many more.

List of top Comedy songs 2015

1. Big Dog – Rolf Harris
2. She Don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips
3. Do the Picard – Rusty Humphries and the Boneheads
4. Existential Blues – Tom T-Bone Stankus
5. I’m an Asshole – Denis Leary
6. If I Only Had a Brain – from The Wizard of Oz
7. Loving You Has Made Me Bananas – Guy Marks
9. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me (than a frontal lobotomy) – ???
10. Talkin John Birch Paranoid Blues – Bob Dylan
11. Creep – Richard Cheese
12. Froggie Went A Courtin’ – Elvis Presley
13. Froggie Went A Courtin’ – Bob Dylan
14. Fish Heads – Barnes and Barnes
15. My Cow Girl – Bryant Oden
16. Don’t Bogart that Joint – Country Joe & the Fish
17. Emotional Weather Report – Tom Waits
18. You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon
19. Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow – Frank Zappa
20. Hard to be Humble – Mac Davis
21. Obey the Cowgod – Green Jello
22. Eat It – “Weird Al” Yankovic
23. A Taste Of Aggro – The Barron Knights
24. Llama Song – Burton Earny
25. The Banana Boat – Morecambe and Wise
26. Pub With No Beer – Slim Dusty
27. The Sick Note The Dubliners
28. Right said Fred – Bernard Cribbins
29. The Laughing Policeman – Charles Jolly
30. I’m Going Slightly Mad – Queen
31. Dem Dry Bones – Delta Rhythm Boys
32. Take Off – Bob & Doug McKenzie
33. They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! – Napoleon XIV
34. White & Nerdy – “Weird Al” Yankovic
35. Camp Granada – Allan Sherman

Comedy Songs are quite entertaining, for the reason the music directors and singers just put in their best effort so as to form the best creation of songs clutched with the essence of comedy. For the very cause, the comedy songs hold grand demand and are also quite attractive. The comical effect to these varieties of songs is just an art of the musical acts. Such acts usually depict the artists and singers ‘comical image’ which they load into the song variety. Well, besides the various facts the year 2015 has by now seen few top class ‘A grade’ comedy songs. The inclusive are- “the Ballad of Irving”, “Barbecue Spud Mckenzie”, “one more Minute”, “ would Jesus Wear a Rolex”, “ grandma got runned over by a Reindeer”, “99 dead balloons”,” do the Picard” and many more. Have a great time great- happy moments with Comedy Songs.

Entertainment in life is a must and what can be the best way out other than listening to the best comedy song of this season we can assure you about the fact that these songs will surely make you smile for sure and make your dull and inactive mood active within friction of seconds. So what are you waiting for? Come and go ahead to make the best collection of comedy songs 2016 for this year so that you can listen to those numbers as and when you want.

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