Top Happy Birthday Party Songs 2015

Happy birthday songs in 2016 are really songs of celebration or of tribute to a person sung on his birthday. The usual and unique birthday song has been translated in many languages so far. They have been sung in English in many countries where the conversational language is not English because of the lilt in the tune of this song perhaps that is so endearing and catchy.

top new happy birthday songs 2016 list
Celebrating birthdays at restaurants

The restaurants where you can have birthday celebrations have the Happy Birthday Songs of 2016 or the Birthday Mashup Songs played to jazz up the party. The singers their take their turns at the microphone and the piano accompaniment. You can also try out other ways to enchant the child on his birthday. Send him an email with a Teddy singing a favorite birthday song. A voicemail can do the trick. Birthday songs tend to add that zing to the party and keeps up with the spirit of the fete.

Different happy birthday songs 2016

There are many other songs that are referenced on the birthday celebrations that include the various available happy birthday songs like Birthday Bubbles, Happy Happy, Birthday Lounge, Birthday Dance, Happy Birthday Symphony, Shiny and new, special birthday song and so on. Birthday cards and songs make the person feel very special on their birthdays and musical birthday cards playing the songs are a joy to the ears.

Like every year new songs are coming up this year too for birthday celebrations which are not only entertaining but also melodious and full of rhythms which will make the environment more attractive for the kids in special. No doubt in the fact that craze for celebrating birthday is more among kids than elders and they enjoy celebrating this special days with their friends with beautiful song numbers at the back.

List of top happy birthday songs 2015

01- Happy Birthday To You ~ AV
02- For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow ~ AV
03- Birthday ~ The Beatles
04- The Happy Birthday Song ~ Arrogant Worms
05- Happy Birthday Sweet 16 ~ Neil Sedaka
06- 16 Candles ~ Crests
07- Get The Party Started ~ Pink Floyd
08- When Dreams Are Born ~ John Williams
09- Eighteen ~ Alice Cooper
10- Happy Birthday ~ Rock and Roll Instrumental
11- As Time Goes By ~ Ray Anthony
12- Because You Loved Me ~ Celine Dion
13- Forever Young ~ Rod Stewart
14- Glory of Love ~ Peter Cetera
15- God Bless The Child ~ Tony Bennett
16- I Will Remain Your Little Boy ~ Chris Taylor
17- Mama ~ BJ Thomas
18- Memories ~ Elvis Presley
19- Three Times a Lady ~ The Commodores
20- A Baby’s Prayer ~ Kathy Troccoli
21- A Mother’s Prayer ~ Celine Dion
22- Handprints On The Wall~ Kenny Rogers
23- If I Could ~ Celine Dion
24- Let Them Be Little ~ Billy Dean
25- The Greatest Gift ~ Steve & Annie Chapman
26- The One Who Lives Inside Your Heart ~ Lari White
27- O Little One ~ Angelo Petrucci
28- You Bring Me Joy ~ Carolyn Arends
29- Just the Way You Are ~ Billy Joel
30- Thanks for the Memories ~ Frank Sinatra
31- Too Marvelous for Words ~ Frank Sinatra
32- These Are The Days ~ Natalie Merchant
33- Photograph ~ Nickelback
34- It Don’t Have to Change ~ John Legend

A lot of DVDs are available in the markets that include the celebration birthday songs. These are sung by various artists and often Mashup Birthday Songs and other party songs as well.

While during a birthday celebration, you choose to dine out, a group of waiters can sing a birthday number for you. This is usually arranged by the restaurant’s entertainment group to add that special flavor to your birthday celebrations. You can also have some other musical talents to back up for the waiters singing for you. You can also gift your baby girl or boy a teddy singing a birthday song. It would be a lovely huggable toy for the kid as well as bring in sweet remembrances of a well spent birthday.

Creating a rhyme or fancy tune

You can think of something very special for your child though by personalizing a birthday song 2016 for him or her. Create your own rhyme with a fancy tune and rhythm so that he feels special. Play it suddenly to startle him before the cutting of the cake. It can be recorded and put on to a disc to be played at the right moment.

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