Top Bhangra Songs 2015: Enjoy the Lively Punjabi Beats And the Rocking Rhythm

Lively Folk Music:Dance To The Tune Of Energetic Bhangra Songs of 2016

Punjabi folk music has been an integral part of mainstream Indian music industry. The lively beats and the heart-warming rhythm of bhangra, a form of Punjabi folk music has been synonymous with expressing happiness or displaying a mood of celebration. be it a party, a get together or a wedding celebration, bhangra songs set the atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. So, if you are seeking popular   bhangra songs of 2016, you have definitely come to the right place. Our collection of the best bhangra songs of 2016 will heat up your party even more with some of the best foot taping music of 2015.

list of top new bhangra songs 2015
Bhangra songs are very lively and it will hard for any music loving person to stay away from the bits and rhythm of Bhangra songs. This category of songs will help you in getting back your lost energy in short span of time. The popularity of Bhangra songs are not only confined within the boundary of India but all across globe.

Get Into The Mood With Hot Bhangra Hits

Bhangra falls in the category of music that inspires happiness in the hearts of people even when there is hope for none. Just listing to the vibrant dhol and drum beats, which form an integral part of this genre of music, makes the listeners feel young and energetic. People automatically feel like dancing to the lively tunes as it makes them stress free and cheerful. Given the popularity of Bhangra songs, it is not surprising that not only novice singers but well established singers form Indian music industry, are attracted to sing these songs. Some of the leading artists, who have created a name for themselves in the area of singing bhangra songs include Babbu Mann, Manmohan Waris, Bombay Rockers and Gippy Garewal.

We have compiled a list of the most popular bhangra songs of 2016, to ease your search for the same. The list includes hits like, “Dil Cherdi” by DJ Sanj and Jay Status, “ Mukhada” by Epic Bhangra, “Rangreez” by Satinder Sartaj and “Gidda Pao” by DJ Vix and Miss Pooja.

List of  Top Bhangra Songs 2015

01- Haye O Rabba
02- Munde Pegpeg
03- Guddi Wango
04- Maan Karin Na Jatie
05- Barin Barsin
06- Nach Nee
07- Modha Mitran Da
08- Jind
09- Jhandi
10- Peg
11- Gal Sun Sardara
12- Apna Sangeet Vaje Apna Sangeet – Apna Sangeet
13- Mundian To Bach Ke – Panjabi MC
14- Das Ja – DJ Sanj feat. Lehmber Hussainpuri
15- Dowain Jaaniya – Heera
16- Gidhian Di Raniye – AS Kang
17- Tharti Hilde – Aman Hayer feat. Angrej Ali & G-Money
18- Aja Mahi – RDB feat. Metz & Trix
19- Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye – Alaap
20- Darshan – B21
21- Soho Rd Utey – Apna Sangeet
22- Kangna – Dr Zeus feat. Master Rakesh & Shortie Lil Lox
23- O Chan Mere Makhna – The Safri Boyz
24- Moorni – Panjabi MC
25- Hass Hogiya – The Sahotas
26- Pump Up The Bhangra – Pardesi Music Machine
27- Valeti Boliyan – AS Kang
28- Rail Gaddi – Chirag Pehchan
29- Aja Sohniya – Bally Jagpal & Shazia Manzoor
30- Heer – Jags Klimax feat. Sarbjit Kaur
31- Hey Jamalo, Tootak Tootak Tootiya – Malkit Singh & Golden Star
32- Nahin Jeena – Rishi Rich feat. Juggy D & Don Dee
33- Dhol Jageero Da – Panjabi MC
34- Captain Bhangre Da – Daljit Mattu and Ravi Bal
35- Bhabiye Akh Larr Gayee – Bhujhangy Group
36- Mere Laung Gawacha – Bally Sagoo feat. Rama & Cheshire Cat
37- Naag – Jazzy B
38- Mere Lus Lus Karde Ang Nee – Anari Sangeet Party
39- Boliyan – AS Kang
40- Par Linghade – The Safri Boyz

Song and dance form an integral part of partying and if the music is not lively, it can spoil the entire fun. But when you choose the bhangra songs listed here, you are the tempo of the party is sure to go well beyond your imagination. Just be sure you are ready to grove to the sound of drums and dhols as the bahngra songs keep the party going. And don’t be surprised if you just don’t seem to get enough even after hours of dancing and enjoying the blood pumping music.

If you are a true lover of music then we are quite sure about the fact that you are going to love the Bhangra songs 2016 of these seasons.

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