Top 10 New Country Songs Releases in 2015

What are the top country songs of 2015 : If you wish to know more about best country songs, here’s recollection of the type of genre you’ll be listening to! America popularized this hillbilly music that originated from the folks of the hills. Originating from Southern United States in the 1920s blues modes have been a part of this music genre for a long while. Country music comprises of dance tunes, ballads and simple forms of harmony with stringed instruments as a part of its symphony. With electric guitars, fiddles, banjos all a part of this country songs, there have been plenty of best country songs introduced by skilled musicians that has lifted the nation’s spirits.

The term country music became known in the 1940’s with its distinct styles that slowly erupted in the following years. Around 2009, country music obtained critical acclaim as the most listened to rush hour radio genre. It encompassed Western music and today has become a beloved top country music genre by plenty of people. Immigrants of the South Appalachian Mountains introduced this genre to the world. With the years that passed by, country music brought forth musicians like Roy Acuff, Eddy Arnold who rocked the charts with his hit country singles 2014 and plenty more. The singing cowboys made the genre exceptionally unique with Sons of Pioneers and Gene Autry.

2014 Best country songs and singles of 2015

Country Songs 2015: Get the Best Country Music Online

The women generation cannot be forgotten in this era of growing country music where Patsy Montana opened a successful door for female artists. Bob Wilis arose from the lower Great Plains and became popular for his ‘hot string band’ with a mix of jazz, country and pop. This kind of music was later known as the Western Swing. If you’re a lover of greatest country music then perhaps you’re excited about the latest releases this year?

List of New releases Top Country Songs 2014

We’ll give you a list of the best and top country songs 2015 that you can download and listen to whenever you want to!

1. Luke Bryan,– ‘Play It Again’

2. Florida Georgia Line,– ‘This Is How We Roll’

3. Keith Urban,– ‘Cop Car’

4. Brantley Gilbert,– ‘Bottoms Up’

5. Eric Church,– ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’

6. Jake Owen,– ‘Beachin’’
7. Lee Brice,– ‘I Don’t Dance’
8. Thomas Rhett,– ‘Get Me Some of That’
9. Miranda Lambert,– ‘Automatic’
10. Rascal Flatts,– ‘Rewind’ Best country songs
11. Blake Shelton,– ‘My Eyes’
12. Brett Eldredge,– ‘Beat of the Music’
13. Tim McGraw,– ‘Meanwhile Back at Mama’s’
14. Chris Young,– ‘Who I Am With You’
15. Eric Paslay,– ‘Song About a Girl’
16. Tyler Farr,– ‘Whiskey in My Water’
17. Craig Morgan,– ‘Wake Up Lovin’ You’
18. Dustin Lynch,– ‘Where It’s At’
19. Hunter Hayes,– ‘Invisible’ new country songs
20. Justin Moore,– ‘Lettin’ the Night Roll’
21. George Strait,– ‘I Got a Car’
22. Billy Currington,– ‘We Are Tonight’
23. Craig Campbell,– ‘Keep Them Kisses Comin’’
24. The Band Perry,– ‘Chainsaw’
25. Brad Paisley,– ‘River Bank’

What Types of Country Music you Like in 2015

Bluegrass: This type was introduced by Bill Monroe with his distinct banjo acoustics that later led to the origination of the famous country band, Bluegrass Boys. The melodies of bluegrass begin from mandolin and move on further to the dobro incorporating the banjo and fiddle later on in its progression.

Western Swing: We’ve heard so much about this type that categorizes Bob Wilis in his unique and authentic era of country singles. Combining elements of jazz, blues and pop and country together, he has created music with rich harmonies that is joyous and makes your feet bounce till you can retire to bed.

Rockabilly: You can welcome Elvis Presley in this generation of music from the 1950’s where hillbilly music combined with blues to introduce a whole new genre. He definitely made it mainstream but if you’re a lover of true country music, this sound will certainly be in your favorite house track list.

Country Rock: As the generation continued to progress with time and modernization, country rock became the next big thing. Outlaw music, Def Leppard, John Denver, Willie Nelson all have played a major role in contributing their authentic tunes to this genre. Kid Rock is still considered to be a major influence in today’s world of country tunes.

With the presence of Taylor Swift, Dixie Chicks and Rascal Flatts, country music has transitioned over the years to become one of the most popular genres in American music history. If you’re eager to learn more about the latest most popular country songs, check out this list of the top 10 country songs releases in 2015 today.

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