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Bass Music: Heavy Bass Songs of 2016 Will Thrill Your Mood – Bass music has eternally been one of the most specialized genres in music that entertains end number of people. Bass songs in 2015 will have popular sound effects placed in their making with low frequency notes. You already know that modernized music uses a variety of instruments both digital and computerized to produce music in the best way possible. Apart from using a variety of instruments, the sound effects added onto the music to make it sound heavy and beautiful is bass music. There are tons of fanatics in the world who love bass music to play at party and even learn how to play a guitar just so that they can play notes on a bass scale. Check out the best bass music tracks of 2016 on this list!

best bass songs list 2016 to 2015

Why Bass Music? If you’re looking for the best bass songs in 2016 then you’ve reached the right place because you’ll find more than just entertainment on the plate. All the best artists in the world have introduced their bass releases which will be featured on our list of the latest bass songs in 2014. This music is perfectly suitable for different kinds of genres like techno, jazz, blues, metal, reggae music and fast hip hop beats etc. Bass music is basically an art itself that is added into a song just to make it song more vivacious. This is done so that the song once it is featured through loudspeakers sounds good and in perfect harmony. If you’re looking for a list of the latest bass tracks 2016 then you’ve landed at the right spot.

List of Top Bass Songs in 2015

A lot of people spend money trying to find the best bass speakers in the world! If you want to know then it is because bass music is adored all over. If you’re searching for the best bass songs in 2015 then you can welcome artists like Kanye West who have already had major hits in the music industry. Artists like Black Eyed Peas featured ‘Boom Boom Pow’ lyrics which stirred the audience to get them a music award instantly. Adam F, Prodigy and several other artists have also featured various bass songs in the last few years especially artists like Nicky Romero, DJ Smurf, Flux Pavilion, Total Science etc are some of the popular bass musicians in the world. Check out the list of best bass songs in 2016.

1.I got bass – by – Busta Rhymes
2.Boomin on the system – by – LL Cool J
3.Pump up the bass – by – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince
4.My band – by – D12
5.Purple pills – by – D12
6.Double bass – by – Gorillaz
7.Rubberband man – by – T.I
8.Ride wit me – by – T.I
9.24s – by – T.I
10.Top down – by – T.I
11.What you know – by – T.I
12.California love – by – 2pac
13.Changes – by – 2pac
14.Tilt ya head back – by – Nelly
15.Die for you – by – Nelly
16.Nite and day – by – Kid cudi
17.Full of it – by – Pitbull
18.Go to sleep – by – Eminem
19.The way I am – by – Eminem
20.Just lose it – by – Eminem
21.Cleanin out my closet – by – Eminem
22.Let the beat build – by – Lil Wayne
23.Pup up the bass – by – Lil Wayne
24.The Cool – by – Adam Tentsa
25.Bangin on the system – by – Adam Tentsa
26.It takes two – by – Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock
27.Check this out – by – Rob base and DJ EZ Rock
28.Hip Hop – by – Dead Prez best bass song
29.Beauty and the beats – by – Brian Green
30.Super bass – by – Nicki Manaj
31.Bass test – by – Lil Jon
32.Da blow – by – Lil Jon
33.Proof world – by – Proof
34.Make it rain – by – Fat Joe
35.Locked up – by – Akom
36.Im so paid – by – Akon
37.Ultimate satisfaction – by – Ludacris
38.Blueberry yum yum – by – Ludacris
39.Mouths to fed – by – Ludacris
40.Woozy – by – Ludacris
41.Grew up a screw up – by – Ludacris
42.Lafy taffy – by – D4L
43.Miami – by – Will Smith
44.Switch – by – Will Smith
45.Gin and Juice – by – Snoop Dogg
46.Ice Ice baby – by – Vanilla Ice
47.Nuthin more but the money – by – Mic Geronimo
48.Unstopable – by – Mic Geronimo
49.Bartender – by – t – by – Pain
50.Late nite tip – by – 3 – by – 6 mafia
51.Rotation – by – Big K.R.I.T
52.My sub – by – Big K.R.I.T
53.Lemonade – by – Gucci mane
54.Money in the bank – by – Lil Scarppy
55.White girl – by – Young Jeezy
56.Amazing – by – Young Jeezy
57.I do it for my hood – by – Young Jeezy
58.Cigerettes – by – Fort minior
59.Higher – by – game
60.Where Im from – by – Game
61.Start from scartch – by – Game
62.Dreams – by – Game
63.How we do – by – Game
64.West side story – by – Game
65.We anit – by – Game top bass song
66.Girls on the dance floor – by – Far East Movement
67.Like a G6 – by – Far east Movement
68.Fall back – by – Big L
70.Outta my system – by – Bow Wow
71.Candy shop – by – 50 Cent
72.Just a lil bit – by – 50 Cent
73.In da club – by – 50 Cent
74.Lose control – by – Missy Elliot
75.Big Poppa – by – Biggie
76.Mo money mo problems – by – Biggie
77.Hypnotize – by – Biggie
78.Push it – by – Rick Ross
79.The boss – by – Rick Ross
80.Raise up – by – Petey Pablo
81.Freek a leek – by – Petey Pablo
82.Shut up – by – Trick Daddy
83.Ridin – by – Cahmillonaire
84.True – by – Chamillonaire
85.Hip Hop police – by – Chamilonaire
86.Oh girl – by – Paul wall
87.Laz – by – DJ Laz
88.Red alert – by – DJ Laz
89.Journey though bass – by – DJ Laz
90.Bass groove – by – DJ Laz
91.Moments in bass – by – DJ Laz
92.Listen to the bass – by – DJ Laz
93.Bass alert – by – DJ Laz
94.I got so much bass – by – DJ laz
95.Pump it up – by – Joe Budden
96.Fire – by – Joe Budden
97.The world yours – by – Nas
98.Here comes the boom – by – DMX
99.Jump around – by – House of Pain
100.My system – by – Daz Dillenger

Bass Songs – The Modern Reality

Since centuries we’ve watched artists rising and falling in their struggle for attaining stardom. However despite how complicated Miley Cyrus may be or rumors teen throbs like Justin Bieber might arise, music is still the core element. So long as musicians continue introducing beautiful tracks, the audience remains happy. So if you’re a bass music freak then you might like to check out this list of the latest bass songs in 2015? This season you’ll meet stars like Showtek, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Martin Garrix etc who’ve already released top singles in bass music industry. If you feel that bass music is amazing then don’t forget to pick out the 2016 best bass songs.

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