New Best Halloween Party Songs in 2015

Halloween Party songs 2016 and Music: Amazing Halloween Tracks This Year – Considering how popular a festival Halloween is it is important to make sure that you get used to the kind of music you hear. But if it is a party to celebrate on Halloween then apart from drinking pumpkin shots, the songs must be awesome! Get a hold of the best Halloween party songs 2015 so that you can host the perfect gathering at your place. Halloween doesn’t just bring trick or treating, it also brings forth the right music at your place. So make sure you don’t miss out on the perfect graveyard smash with a list of the best Halloween party songs in 2016.

best 2015 Halloween party songs 2016

History of Halloween – Halloween technically is a secular holiday that combines a range of traditional festivities put together where the basic custom is about dressing up as your favorite character. Generally the characters and costumes are based on horror based characters. Apart from playing pranks, holding dance parties and trick or treating, Halloween is about the mysterious legends coming to life. You can hold a range of activities while celebrating Halloween. The important part is that while you’re hosting a party, you should definitely have a list of the 2015 top Halloween party songs in 2016. Primarily being termed as a holiday, Halloween party is a wonderful occasion to celebrate your time with good friends and family.

Halloween Party Songs 2015 – Get the List

Halloween music comprises of the tracks that cheer your spirits up and ensure that you have wonderful get-together with family and friends. Halloween party songs in 2016 will comprise of songs released by famous artists. In the past we’ve celebrated plenty of Halloween parties where songs of Rob Zombie like ‘Dracula’ or ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson have been hits. Audience love Halloween tracks that bring life to the dance floor. ‘A Nightmare on My Street’ by Fresh Prince and D.J. Jazzy Jeff was a song that became a hit in 1988. ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ by Rockwell is another one of the top Halloween tracks you can enjoy listening to if you’re celebrating Halloween this year. so look the list of top Halloween party songs 2015

1. Thriller – by – Michael Jackson ( Greatest song for a Halloween party | MJ rocks!)
2. Black Magic Woman – by – Santana
3. Bark at the Moon – by – Ozzy Osbourne
4. Halloween – by – Dave Matthews and Band
5. Witchy Woman – by – The Eagles
6. Pumpkin Head – by – Misfits
7. Sympathy for the Devil – by – The Rolling Stones
8. Voodoo Child – by – Jimi Hendrix
9. Hungry Like the Wolf – by – Duran Duran
10. Somebody’s Watching Me – by – Rockwell
11. Frankenstein – by – The Edgar Winter Group
12. Living Dead Girl – by – Rob Zombie
13. Enter Sandman – by – Metallica
14. Ghost Riders in the Sky – by – Ramrod
15. Highway to Hell – by – AC/DC
16. Witchcraft – by – Frank Sinatra
17. Witch Doctor – by – David Seville
18. Devil Went Down to Georgia – by – Charlie Daniels
19. Voodoo People – by – Marilyn Manson
20. I Put a Spell On You – by – Screaming Jay Hawkins
21. Welcome to My Nightmare – by – Alice Cooper
22. Whistling Past the Graveyard – by – Screaming Jay Hawkins
23. Tubular Bells Pt. 1 – by – Mike Oldfield
24. I’m Your Boogieman – by – White Zombie
25. Werewolves of London – by – Warren Zevon
26. Love Song for a Vampire – by – Annie Lennox
27. Call of the Zombie – by – Rob Zombie
28. The Addams Family Theme
29. Monster Mash – by – Bobby “Boris” Pickett
30. Bad Moon Rising – by – Creedence Clearwater Revival
31. Hotel California – by – The Eagles
32. Don’t Fear the Reaper – by – Blue Oyster Cult
33. Dead Man’s Party – by – Oingo Boingo
34. Ghostbusters Theme – by – Ray Parker
35. Psycho Killer – by – Talking Heads
• Fortuna – by – Carl Orff
36. My Immortal – by – Evanescence
37. Witchy Queen of New Orleans – by – Redbone
38. Feed My Frankenstein – by – Alice Cooper
39. Bullet with Butterfly Wings – by – Smashing Pumpkins
40. Voodoo Child – by – Stevie Ray Vaughan
41. Cemetery Polka – by – Tom Waits
42. Purple People Eater – by – Sheb Wooley
43. Twilight Zone – by – Golden Earring
44. Nightmare on My Street – by – DJ Jazzy Jeff
45. The Raven – by – Alan Parsons Project
46. Teenage Witch – by – Eels
47. Baby Turns Blue – by – Virgin Prunes

So if you’re planning on throwing Halloween parties this year then get ready to catch the best Halloween party songs in 2014. Van Halen’s ‘Running With the Devil’ has been another top track that you can catch. Blue Oyster Cult has been one of the famous bands in the 70’s that popularized Halloween party songs 2015. With an authentic mix of eerie music that held a wonderful rhythm of beats, Halloween party songs are meant to make people celebrate and enjoy their time together. Get a hold of the best Halloween party songs in 2014 this season if you’re planning a party at your place. Halloween music is all about understanding the spirit of Halloween that originated as the day before ‘Hallow’s Day’.

Modern Halloween practices comprise of throwing parties but that would be incomplete if you don’t have popular artist tracks. Some amazing Halloween party songs 2016 will be released so get ready to enjoy a nice Halloween party this year!

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